Mercedes-Benz ML 500

Here is the Mercedes-Benz ML 500, a highly detailed and very well made car that will replace the Landstalker within GTA Vice City. This car...


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Here is the Mercedes-Benz ML 500, a highly detailed and very well made car that will replace the Landstalker within GTA Vice City. This car includes multiple colours, a detailed and 3d interior as well as much more! Please note that is highly recommended that you back up your files just incase this messes up your game or you do not like this modification.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'trall_mercedesbenzml500.rar' (2.28MB)

The author of model: Trall.

The full name: Mercedes-Benz ML 500.

Assignment: Model of the car for game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Quantity of polygones in model: 100457

Date of release: on July, 27, 2005.

Installation: manual, the instruction is see lower.

Model replaced in game: Landstalker.

Initial Internet - source:

Features of model. The small description.

This car, my second work made completely by me. Having worked above the mistakes admitted in the first car, I have tried to not admit them in this. As it at me managed to be solved to you. I only can tell about features of the creation a little. She contains 100457 ranges in the first. And it means, that 95 % of the car are executed in 3d. If to speak more particularly in 3d are made: headlights, lanterns, seats, the engine, wheel disks, tire covers, the panel of devices and much many other things. The model was done without small 4 months. For this time at me has gathered about 250 photos of the car from all foreshortenings. And it means that each detail was done with the maximal accuracy. Except for it at me has gathered a lot of information by a technical part of the car. Therefore my adjustments do physics of the car maximum similar on real. I hope tried knowingly and you will like this car.

Conditions of use.

Attention! During 30 days after release the model is exclusive for an initial Internet - source. On the expiration of this term the archive can freely be distributed on the Internet. Please, adhere to these terms.

At the publication on the site it is necessary to write necessarily the author, a homepage and to place an applied screenshot.

At accommodation on the Internet it is forbidden to delete or change the files contained in archive. Addition of the additional text document or html-page is supposed.

It is forbidden to convert, modernize, use details and to use in commercial objectives without my sanction.

Simply write on E-mail or in ICQ and we shall agree upon all.

Please, respect my work!

The instruction on installation in game.

1. For installation we need the following: DMagic Wheel mod (to establish fashions before installation of model); IMGTool (opens a file with dff and txd files); Collision File Editor v1.1 (establishes physical model of the machine, col).

2. We install DMagic Wheel mod (if already costs it is not necessary). We start for program IMGTool. We open a file gta3.img (gta-vc/models/gta3.img) In a field to find we write Landstal and we press to find. We delete old files Landstal.dff and Landstal.txd. (I Strongly recommend to delete files on one to not remove anything superfluous.) Then we click commands / add and in the appeared list it is chosen our new files which should be preliminary unpacked on a working table. If all is correct, we close the program.

3. Now it is necessary to establish a col-file. For this purpose with help Collision File Editor v1.1 we open a file vehicles.col (gta-vc/models/coll) (file/load) Then in the list we find Landstal and it is replaced it on a new file.(replace). We keep.

4. Upon termination of installation it is necessary to make adjustments in three files which open a notebook. These files are in a folder data. Having opened a file it is necessary to find our machine and to replace existing adjustments for those which are resulted in the given document.

Correct adjustments of the automobile.


LANDSTAL 2100.0 1.92 4.80 1.80 0.00 0.20 -0.30 75 0.95 0.80 0.51 5 240.00 27.00 4 P 10.00 0.53 1 32.00 1.50 0.13 0.20 0.65 95000 0.23 -0.18 0.50 0.50 4008109 1 1


130, landstal, landstal, car, LANDSTAL, LANDSTK, null, richfamily, 10, 7, 0, 249, 0.800000


landstal, 75,75, 107,107, 112,112, 16,16, 0,0, 134,134

If all of you have correctly made, there will be no various bugs and the machine will look as on a screenshot.

History M-Klasse.

It would seem, sale ML and without that on rise - is not present, time to be updated. First party M-Klasse have let out in 1997, since then worldwide has parted 620 thousand ML, mainly across America. It's time to go! Honour in Stuttgart know. The second generation though is not too beaten out from a stylistic outline habitual to us M-Klasse, but on technical power will give odds to many advanced off-road cars.
New ML almost on centimeter is lower than the predecessor, why it seems, that it keeps for a ground even more strong. Due to downturn of growth and design completions the factor of aerodynamic resistance has fallen with 0,39 up to 0,34 is at an off-road car! More "combed" back, with terrible lines on lateral panels and air inlets on a cowl, with new transparent optics ML reminds the rocket filled and ready to start. But the main thing - inside. On new M-Klasse the modified suspension brackets (it was possible to lower noise and vibration from wheels) and three new motors will appear. The most long-awaited - diesel V6 which will replace former 5-cylinder. ML 320CDI will please the owner with 224 horsepowers and 510 N*m the twisting moment already at 1600 rev/min. It designate for a role « itself off-road`s ». Who now will name ML citycar? Well unless only the convinced opponent of mark. For surcharge yours M-Klasse will improve special offroad`s a package: A lowering number in transmission, manual or automatic blocking of differentials (one - interaxal, another - on a back axis) and suspension bracket Airmatic specially modified under bad roads. This suspension bracket allows to change a road gleam within the limits of 110 mm. With such set maximal top M-Klasse passes for 290 mm. To it at all and 60-centimetric fords!

(On materials of magazine "За рулем")

The information on me.

Trall aka Сергеев Саня (16.02.88) Russia, Krasnodar.
My E-mail:
My ICQ: 306-964-952
My site:


Fl@sh, Sturmann, SIS Tuninger, Чернов, D4Ramm5, Diskovod, Flip, Fanner, Pumbars, Rio, Shock and all whom has not named! Simply very for a long time to list all who to me helped!

To all of you MANY THANKS!

On all arisen questions address on ICQ or E-mail. I shall be glad to answer.


Copyright © 2005 by Trall. All rights reserved. .:.:GTR Motorz:.:.©

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