Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)

Here is the Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220), a detailed and well made car that will replace either the stretch or any car of your choice within G...


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Here is the Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220), a detailed and well made car that will replace either the stretch or any car of your choice within GTA Vice City. This car has been created by tomi and ruslev. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'ruslev_tomi_mercedesbenzs600limousinew220.exe' (942KB)

*******Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)*******Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)*******Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)*******Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)

Mercedes-Benz S600L (W220)
for NFS High Stakes
about 9k Polys
by Tomekk (Tomi)

I used those Progs

Car Cad 1.5b
Car Centerer
FCE Finisch v 1.0
FCE Finisch v 2.0
FCE Tweak
NFS Wizard
MS Paint
Paint Schop Pro 7
ZModeler v 1.2
ZModeler v 1.6

Before i'll forget it:

Thanks to Felixx (for the Dashboard), to !ceman (for the wing mirrors) and to Bluesman (for the 3rd upgrade, the SV12 Brabus, and the interior by the Brabus and the S600.

-Important Notes-!!
I don't allow convertions to other games, tuning or other changes on the car and then publishing is prohibited. 
If you still have questions mail me.
You can upload this car on your site, but then pleas send me a E-Mail, before you do that.

Homepage: (my homepage with Zlatko)

Have fun driving

Now my modest dopiski: who made: 
RusLev aka Leo who helped: 
Auz granted more less to rabotosposobnyuu the new coll model of limousine (vehicles.col) - THE THANKS TO HIM for THIS. 

contacts of the type: 

Whereas made (it altered, well and kasyachnaya model) 5 days it suffered made for GTA THE VC but can use, also, for GTA 3 after renaming into the model from it, although stretch was there also like. Mercedes- benzo S600 Limousine without avtoinstallera substitutes STRETCH it is necessary DmagicWheelMod for GTA MY VC (there is everywhere) or SuperWheelMod v.2 for GTA VC production, is on my site 

the tuning 

default.ide 139, stretch, stretch, car, STRETCH, STRETCH, null, ignore, 10, 7, 0, 249, 0.950000 

handling.cfg STRETCH 2200.0 2.00 7.30 1.30 0.00 0.00 0.00 75 0.67 0.80 0.50 5 180.00 10.00 F P 10.00 0.40 0 30.00 1.20 0.07 0.20 0.72 40000 0.15 -0.05 0.50 0.00 8102 1 1 

Colors change themselves in file carsols.dat (in division stretch) which pleases itself whom, on silence native colors are used. If you use a wheelbarrow where of Tommy with the driver that compulsorily place vehicles.col if you do not want so that it were manifested BY BAG mentioned in the testing expressing into in the malfunction of the model of damage the matter in the fact that with the impact on front door it breaks rear (in reality it front) and vice versa front (since it in reality rear) in the the new vehicles.col it is somewhat healed and is manifested much more rarely if we do not say that in no way it is manifested with the impact into the rear door of lomayetmsya. SPIBO FOR THIS FILE VEHICLES.COL AUZ'Y At the archive lie 2 types of the installation (both manual) 1. of Tommy with the driver - change vehicles.col 2. Tommy driver himself - is not must me vehicles.col Since voice were shared to whom first necessary with the the vodiloy coma that no will be themselves select that you you want. file TXD one on all. Like everything! Approach to make AUDI A6 since it it won in THE VOTING.

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