Merqury Grand Marquis LS '86

Here is the Merqury Grand Marquis LS '86, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sentinel or any other car of your choic...


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Here is the Merqury Grand Marquis LS '86, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sentinel or any other car of your choice within GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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===================== Merqury Grand Marquis LS '86 by Klarnetist ===========================


Sorry for my english...

======================= This model is made specially for a site ========================
           =================  ================

                    If you wish to lay out this car on your own site, 
                      all over again ask me first about permission!
  or  (



It is not 100 % scratch-made. 
As a matter of fact it is an convert. I used parts of free-of-charge body Merqury Grand Marquis ' 81 with 
Practically all has undergone to changes, the forward part has been made anew, 
Wings, doors, a bonnet, a roof, back headlights, wheel arches, etc. have been altered
I express special gratitude to the author of the given body, unfortunately I do not know his name. His work very much has helped to me! 
All the rest is made by me, therefore I quite fairly consider{count} myself as the author of exclusively given updating for GTA VC.

Author: Klarnetist         (

Copyright (C) 2005 by Klarnetist. All rights reserved.

Total policounts-45494

Categorically it is forbidden to change and-or delete following files of the given archive: 

1. sentinel.dff 
2. sentinel.txd 
3. sentinel.col 
4. ReadMe_RUS 
5. ReadMe_ENG 


Big Thanks to:

To the-unknown author of a body
-Pumbars for ideas, the help in creation of the dash and the engine,
                    support, advice and friendship
-Spit811 for friendship and advice
-Brend for belief and support
To all visitors of a forum (Grungy Harry, Balb3s, Soft-gun, Midnighter, Sovietboy, COM, and many others...)


In game should be necessarily established Dmagic1 WheelMod 3.0 ( ID number 249), differently after
installations of model game can will not be started.

It is necessary to install collision model, which is placed in the sentinel.col
file. You will need the Colleditor v1.1b ( to do it.
In this program, open the /MODELS/COLL/vehicles.col file in the Vice City folder. Find sentinel
in the model list, select it, and click Replace button. In the open file dialog point the
path of sentinel.col file, and then replace model.

For installation of model it is possible to take advantage of program GTA Mod Installer of version 2.1 or
newest ( It will allow to establish model easily and quickly.
It is possible to put also manually using IMG Tool 1.3. This program lays on any site
about GTA in section of "tools". Having opened it gta3.img (is in a folder models in the catalogue with game),
with command "FIND" find and remove files sentinel.dff รจ sentinel.txd and command "ADD" insert files from archive.
I recommend to use manual installation! 

Further we open with "Notebook" a file default.ide (a folder data), we find and we replace a trace. A line:

135,	sentinel,	sentinel,	car,	SENTINEL,	SENTINL,	null,	richfamily,	10,	7,	0,	249,	0.830000

further by the above mentioned program ("Notebook") it is opened handling.cfg and we find and we replace a trace. A line:

SENTINEL       2000.0	2.00	4.90	1.60	0.00	0.20	-0.20	75	0.91	0.80	0.55	5	180.00	24.00	R	P	10.17	0.55	0	30.00	1.30	0.13	0.20	0.56	35000	0.27	-0.15	0.50	0.30	8102	0	0
following number in our program installation of colors it in a file carcols.dat:

Add this line to the carcols.dat file below:  65,69,76		# 94 dark5		dark

193,168,117		# 95 SPC creme                     cream		
120,70,27		# 96 SPC brown                     brown		
31,61,0		        # 97 SPC green                     deep green		
0,38,1		        # 98 SPC green                     green
19,152,231		# 99 SPC blue		           blue
255,117,5		# 100 SPC orange		   flame
255,128,255		# 101 SPC pink		           pink

sentinel, 62,62, 42,42, 43,40, 0,0, 1,55, 50,52, 95,95, 54,90

THAT'S All!!! We start game and it is enjoyed! 

The end!

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