New Vice City 2011

63nvc.zip —


that they will have more action and there are no bridge blockades. This modification also makes all of the missions available from the start and you can buy everything from the start. Also included is a new mansion on Starfish Island where there are weapons, bots and 2 top swats that can be bought for $10,000 as body guards.In addition to the above features there are a lot more including the ability to call taxies, as well as the use of a mobile phone / cell phone additonal help or want a pizza!. The bus part of the route has been extended in that you will now be able to catch a bus between 3 bus stations in the game. There are a lot of features that this mod will give you in Vice City but I won't list them all, as they are all mentioned in the readme below and in the file.Please note it is highly recommened that you back up your main.scm file as if you don't you will have to reinstall your game to fix any problems just in case they happen or you do not like this modification at all. This is the latest updated 2010 version of this mod and contains New Vice City mod, New Vice City 2004, New Vice City 2005 and New Vice City 2007. Please understand that Modstar does not necessarily support, advertise or like these features in any way, these are parts of Rockstars Game Vice City.


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