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Here is a modification for GTA: Vice City that will replace 98 cars within the game, with that of Converted cars out of GTA: San Andreas. Th...


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Here is a modification for GTA: Vice City that will replace 98 cars within the game, with that of Converted cars out of GTA: San Andreas. There are still some minor bugs in this modification (in readme). However this is still a highly recommended modification. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this modification will overwrite, just incase you do not like this mod. Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required for this mod to be installed properly.

Required Files IMG Tool V2 GTA MOD INSTALLER

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Download 'sa_vehicle_mod_for_vc.rar' (12.52MB)

The Story of this Mod
Dont have San Andreas for one reason or antoher?
or simply want a little more SA with your VC? well here it is!!

this mod takes 98 (thats ninety-eight) vehicles in vice city, and replaces them with converted cars right out of San andreas!!
it also has the carcols.dat, and handling.cfg lines converted over, plus a new american.gxt for new names of the cars.

Things to know about this BETA:
-The Rhino inst included with this version (problems with it)
-the Kaufman cab, Zebra cab, Blooding B, and all 4 RC vehicles arent touched, they have no replacement
-Some vehicles may have wheels too thin
-Some helicopter blades may still have their SA moving blades
-the handling flags havent been converted over properly

to find out more info, please go to my forums

Temptecho- Providing the San Andreas .img's
Delphi- for making his TXDworkshop compatible with SA TXDs
Kam- for making his 3DS max scripts
and of coarse Oleg and his Zmodeler v1.07b

however it is posible to re-install your custom mods back in, afterwards.

To install the car you need Spooky's IMG-Tool which you can find at or in the tools-section. 
You also need the "GTA MOD INSTALLER" from
(NOT the GTAgarage mod installer)
you also NEED to have the "dmagic wheel mod" installed

1. Installing the Data
-Open up your "/GTAVC/DATA" Folder
-Find the "carcols.dat", "Handling.cfg", and "default.ide" and back it up
-Replace it with the "carcols.dat", "Handling.cfg", and "default.ide" that Comes with this Mod

2. Installing the Text
-Open up your "/GTAVC/TXET" Folder
-Find the "american.gxt" and back it up
-Replace it with the "american.gxt" that Comes with this Mod

3. Installing the COL files:
- open the "MODELS/COLL" folder in your VC install
- find the file "vehicles.col", and back it up
- Replace it with the "vehicles.col" that comes with the mod

4. Installing the Vehicles
-Download  the "GTA MOD INSTALLER" from
-once you extact the files, run the "GTA Mod Installer.exe"
-If it asks you to update the GTA mod installer, choose no because there isnt any newer version
-At the welcome Screen, press "Continue"
-Choose "Install a Mod (with Script file) to Vice City" (3rd one down) and press "Next >"
-Choose "i want to select the folder that contains all of the mod files" (2nd one down) and press "Next >"
-Choose/browse to the "Vehicles" Folder that comes with this mod and press "Next >"
-If it asks you to back up the files, I recommend you press yes, but if you dont have the space, select No
The Installer will auto-matically extract then delete (or just delete) all the files out of the archive for you then install the new files
the reason why ive used this mod installer is because there are 196 files that are replaced with this mod, and that would take you forever to replace manually
-After the "GTA MOD INSTALLER" finishes, DO NOT START VC, open up your gta3.img with IMG tool and REBUILD your archive!!!!!!!
That's it!

All cars should be un-locked, you make do what you like with the cars, but please give me credit as i am the oringal 
converter of all these cars

By: Silver007
Email: /

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