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This modification will add several things to GTA: Vice City, these include a purchasable assets including the Airport, Army Base and Stadium. This will also give you the option to eat food, have petrol (or gasoline) amongst other things. This also includes a delorean, the one from Back to the Future that can hover as well as going back in time!!! For the rest please see the readme.

To Install this modification use the GTA Mod Installer provided with the file.



-----------Vice City XXL--------------


--------------------------------------------Readme File---------------------------------------------------------

Build: 0.2-stable / This is the last release of this mod.See you in San Andreas !!!


Hi, thanks for trying Vice City XXL, I hope you enjoy it.At the first,
you need to know how to install it.You need these tools to install this mod:

-GTA Mod installer (supplied)

In this version, dmagic1's custom wheel mod is supplied.It'll be installed automatically, so you just need to install collisions manually.

This stuff is enough, let's start:

In the zip file, you'll find 11 files and 1 folder: gmi.exe, installscript_gtavc.txt, nowheel.dff, main.scm, american.gxt, sabretur.dff, sabretur.txd, rcbaron.dff, rcbaron.txd, add_manually(folder), Readme_en.txt(File which you're reading now), and Readme_tr.txt.
Extract these into a folder and follow the instructions:

Execute gmi.exe, then:
Click next.
Select "Install a Mod(with a script file) to GTA3 or Vice City" and click next.
Select "I want to select a folder that contains all of the mod's files" and click next.
Find the folder you've extracted and click next.
Choose the vc folder path and click next.
It's always good to make a backup, answer with yes.
Leave the name as it's.Just click next.
After a while, you'll be reading this readme in the gmi screen!Click next and finish the installation.

Open vehicles.col under \models\coll folder with CollEditor.
Find sabretur, then click replace, open sabretur.col from add_manually folder and finally select sabretur object
and click replace.Then find rcbaron, then click replace, open rcbaron.col from add_manually folder and finally select rcbaron object
and click replace.Click save and exit.


OK, that's it ! You've installed Vice City XXL. Now take a look at the new features:


- Infinite run is enabled from start.

- Gang Wars mission:

  You can start to this mission by going through the backdoor of Cafe Robinas.
  Pepe will drive you to the war zone then war will start.You'll need a good collection of weapons to take all enemies down.
  If you lose all Cubans, you'll be failed.You'll be shoot by soldiers when war proceeds enough.At the end, you'll have to pick one
  sub-mission from 4 choices to finish this mission.
  This mission has 2 special bonuses.Play more and unlock them !

- 3 new assets
  Airport (has one mission, garage, save-point and a plane from sea hangar.)
  Army Base (Army won't shoot you anymore, hunter, tank and a save point.)
  Hyman stadium (A save point and armored chopper-buying feature)
  Each of their prices is $250.000

- All ammu-nations are enabled from start.
- Anti-gravity for Delorean: Hold Ctrl to hover and shift to escape.You can also use left and right directions.
- Time-travelling is optimized and some bugs were fixed.
- Crashes that caused by bodyguard groups are no more.

Removed features:

- Bus travelling
- Bodyguards
- The haitian mission that includes RC-Planes
- RC-Plane race


- Your car's doors are always locked.
- All of the vehicles need fuel.
- You can buy 5 different and armored cars from Sunshine Autos.(To cancel buying, press enter.)
- Your health & armour now 200 and after Vigilante, you'll have 250 armour and after pizzaboy, you'll have 250 health.
- No road-blocks, you can go everywhere (except Golf Club, do Avery's mission to unlock)
- You can drunk from different locations(At Robina's, Frontpage Bar, Vercetti Estate, North Point Mall, and Malibu.)
- Now you have a mph-meter.
- Now you need to eat to be alive.You'll lose 50 health per empty bar.

-Gang Groups (SPECIAL !!!)
 At 4 place, you can find Gang groups.All groups have 3 gang, all of gangs have different weapons.Also you'll have gifts after
 buying a group.
  At Robina's - Cubans - Uzi, ingram and shotgun - gifts - $11000
  At Biker Bar - Bikers - 3 different shotgun - gifts - $9750
  At Prawn island - Burrito Gangs - Kruger, uzi, and tec9 - gifts - $13000
  At Vercetti Estate - Vercetti Gang - uzi, shotgun and colt45 - gifts - $9000

- Travel through the time (SPECIAL !!!)
 It's very special, now you can travel through the time with your Delorean ! You can travel in time, select hour, select 
 a location and travel through the time ! Here's the usage of Delorean:

 First find Delorean, it's in the garage which is located on Starfish island, second villa (Doc's Villa)
 To set time and location, stop the car and do the following:

 To set time, press turn right key.You'll start from 01:00(A.M.).You can choose from 01:00 to 24:00.
 To set location, press turn left key.You have 20 locations listed below:

   Main poice station                     
   Starfish - first island entrance       
   Biker gang bar                         
   Hyman stadium                         
   Prawn island                           
   Vice Docks                             
   Sunshine Autos                         
   Fort Baxter                            
   Phil's place                          
   Marina docks                          
   North Point Mall                    
   Sea hangar                            
   Escobar international               
   Light house                          
   West Haven hospital (near of ice-cream factory) 
   Golf club  

 Location and time will be changed per press, and please press for one second or less, or menu will skip some of the choices.

 And also you need a long road but you don't need a clean traffic.After the start of time travelling, ramming cars don't affect Delorean.


----------------------------Important notes - please read !!!-----------------------------


Time-travelling and gang group feature are ONLY FOR Vice City XXL.

 ----Known bugs/don'ts----

- Do not enter a mission with a group or the game will crash.



Beta Testers:
Nipa (@gtaforums)
Picallo RIP (@gtaforums)
and my brother :)

Thanks to:

Fuel - found at gtaforums.com
Car Lock - Found at http://gta3vc.arachnafobic.org forums
Drunk - Found at http://gta3vc.arachnafobic.org forums
Delorean car model - Phil / www.philsfiles.de
Dodo plane model - GTA:LC project / http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=104
Bombing code - [email protected] / [email protected]

and thank you for reading this readme.I hope you enjoy my mod.


[email protected]


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