Extending the ground-breaking physics engine found in GTR, GTR 2 takes the thrill of driving to new heights. GTR 2, which is the official simulation of the FIA GT championship, features more than 140...

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Modifications Nascar 15-20 for GTR2

Check out this Nascar Mod for GTR2 by NoBody73 3D models from RR3 converted by nobody73Rims from germanStigMOTEC 2015 from germanStigSkins 2...


Modifications Porsche 924 GTP 1980

Converted this porsche 924 gtp from Project Cars 2 to GTR2 by speedster63Download Mirror for HaardeNet


Modifications Toyota Supra A90 GT3

GT3 version of the A90 Supra by VeroNCDownload Mirror for my PageView Release PageMore GTR2 Mods at HaardeNet


Modifications GTR2 GT4 Mod by SJ-Mods

After months of hard work, we present to you the newest ACC Conversion of the GT4 mod v2.0!Its only a conversion but i can tell you, its muc...


Models Ligier JSP320 LMP3 for GTR2 by SJ-Mods

Converted 3d Model: Ligier JSP320 LMP3 for gtr2 by SJModdingFile mirror for Downloads


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Add Ons GTR 2 Cars - Koni Racers V1.2

Championship needs both track packs.


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Add Ons GTR2 - 38 Car Pack

These are running a server in GTR2 -- Beastmans Undies championship.


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Skins Flying Lizard Motorsports / Porsche 996 GT3 RSR pa

As a fan of FLM in the American Le Mans Series, I had to make a FLM paintjob.


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Modifications Chayka for GTR2

Sportcompleks "Chayka" from GTR Evo to GTR2


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Skins GTR2 Audi R8 GT carpack

10 Skins for the GTR2 Audi Sportwagen Mod. Much more skins are available on


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Add Ons Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca - Add-On Track for GTR2.


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Modifications GT Wide Subaru v1.0 - GTR 2

GT Subaru 1.0 by The stigg for GTR2.


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Modifications WRC Subaru GTR 2 v1.1

WRC subaru for rFactor and GTR2 - this is GTR2 version.


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Modifications WRC Subaru GTR2

WRC Subaru mod to go with the Subaru Mod 1.1 for GTR2.


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Modifications Skins ALMS for Mod Prototypes

Skins ALMS for Mod Prototypes 1998-2008 SCC pour GTR2 v2.38.


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Skins Le Mans Skins

Le Mans skins for Mod Prototypes 1998-2008 SCC pour GTR2 v2.38.


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Modifications skins LMES

All the LMES skins for the Mod Prototypes 1998-2008 SCC pour GTR2 v2.38.


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Modifications Mod Prototypes 1998-2008 v2.38

Prototypes Mod SCC 1998-2008 for GTR2 v2.38 By PerfectDark / Serode / Arna...


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Skins Power & Glory Mod - Triumph TR4 #79

Triumph TR4 #79 for the GTR2 mod the Power & Glory. This was one of my first TR's, which was in the original version 1.0 pack for GTL. Now...


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Media GTR2 - Curitiba 2006

Video - GTR2 - Curitiba 2006. Hot Lap @ Curitiba 2006 with BMW M3.


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Maps Levels Missions StPetersburg 2003 for GTR2

St. Petersburg 2003 converted from rF to GTR2 by Area91!


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Maps Levels Missions Adelaide

This is an Australian circuit of Adelaide for GTR2 Game.


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Models Porsche RS Spyder for GTR 2

This version lets all four 2007 skins work standalone and they don't all use one skin!


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Modifications MadigitalMedia Mclaren F1 Pack for GTR2

The MadigitalMediaMclaren F1 Pack is a conversion from GTR. It is a culmination of a number of peoples work and we hope you enjoy it.


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Modifications Lotus Elise Cup v1

This mod is inspired by and based on Hoskins' mod for GTR. Included are 29 cars each with a custom driver and helmet (authentic whereve...


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Media GTR2 Simulator Prototype

Prototype of a racing simulator using GTR2 with stereoscopic head mounted displays with inertial head tracking.


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Media GTR2 FanSite Kit

If you feel like making a GTR 2 Fan page, you can now use the website kit! It contains a lot of graphical resources. Using these resources i...