Just another day at the office. Or so you thought... Now with aliens coming through the walls and a military death squad killing everything in sight, you're scrambling to stay alive! Match wits with a...

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Half-Life 2: Classic Ravenholm Demo 61.11MB 10
Head Life - Training Room
Preliminary 71.29MB 111
Half-Life Mod - PARANOIA: The Game Edition v1.2.2 200.52MB 94
Half-Life Mod - PARANOIA: The Game Edition v1.2.1 208.33MB 64
Half-Life Mod - Sven Coop v4.8 720.12MB 1,679
Half-Life Mod - The Challenger Deep 2 104.75MB 88
95 Percent Texture Pack 618.37MB 112
Half-Life Mod - Hazardous Course 2 46.95MB 172
Half-Life Mod - Cry of Fear v1.0 1.62GB 4,773
HL1 Update Mod 190.83MB 120
Half-Life Mod - Hazardous Materials Episode 1 122.95MB 128
Half-Life: Scientist Slaugterhouse (Full Install) 53.91MB 349
Parabot: Bot for HL1 Deathmatch 271KB 1,024
Crysis 2 Alcatraz 2.36MB 141
Half-Life Mini SDK 11.93MB 189
Scientist Slaughterhouse (Installer) 53.86MB 147
Half-Life SDK 2.3 (source code only) 5MB 242
Goldeneye Mod v1.9 18.66MB 87
Ricochet_MapPack 1.0 5.77MB 456
Augsburg_b3 for The Specialists Mod. 19.69MB 167
San Marino Final 45.39MB 68
RandMap v5.00 Alpha 2.1 1.61MB 79
RandMap v.5.00 Alpha 2.2 FINAL 1.68MB 291
Grenades, Snarks & Teleporters Beta 1 16.14MB 66
Fate Reversal 34.36MB 272
Half-Life mod Half-Life: Escape 2 31.82MB 570
Half-Life mod Half-Life: Escape 15.64MB 801
Half Life More Ammo Mod 318KB 336
Half-Life mod Half-Life: SKINMOD Version 10 BETA 33.64MB 247
Half-Life mod Judgement 1.3 Steam Full Installer 27.99MB 96
Half-Life: Source Enhanced 386.55MB 1,135
Half-Life mod INVASION full v1.0 ZIP version 56.46MB 416
Half-Life mod INVASION PATCH v 1.1 1.9MB 328
Half-Life mod HL INVASION v 1.0 EXE Version 57.1MB 1,138
Half-Life mod Back in Future Alpha version 17.15MB 368
Half-Life mod Half-Life Russians Mod 3.9MB 95
Half-Life mod Insurgence 8.21MB 112
Half-Life mod Over Ground 1.0 44.67MB 133
Half-Life mod Lego Pirates Beta 1.4 2.76MB 209
Half-Life mod v1.3 -> v1.3steam update 498KB 45
Half-Life mod Minimicus 3.15MB 201
Half-Life mod Open Source JailBreak .97A 17.9MB 104
Half-Life mod DALEK unbidden v 1.01 12.37MB 137
Half-Life mod Scientist Hunt v1.2 12.28MB 375
Half-Life mod Zombie Panic! v1.0 54.13MB 1,200
sc_sniperwar_xmas (ripent) 2.32MB 71
Half-Life mod Other World Coop Alpha 3 Build 11 1.53MB 45
Half-Life mod Other World /Multiplayer Final 1.01 1.77MB 38
Half-Life mod Spirit of Half Life v1.8 with no Source Code 3.11MB 323