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Maps HLDM Clash_b1

This is a Beta version of the map, all bugs will be corrected in the release. If you put it on the server, please write your server in...


Mods Half Life Redux v.3.0 MOD

It's the full Half life Game made by Magic Nipples. I managed to get it running fine on my pc. It's shame it's not totally compl...


Death Match mortise

A deathmatch map carved in solid binary rock. A recent project which was quite fun to make. Themed as an abstract yet in some way feasible i...


Modifications Half-Life 2: Classic Ravenholm Demo

The entire Ravenholm chapter from Half-Life 2, fully playable in Goldsrc as a Half-Life 1 mod.Half-Life 2 Classic is a Half-Life 1 mod that...


Half-Life Crowbar Head Life - Training Room

Fangame inspirado en la sala de entrenamiento de Half life, protagonizado por uno de mis personajes favoritos, considerado por muchos el que...


Mods Preliminary

This is the first release of Preliminary, and it contains the Office Complex chapter based on E3 1998 media.


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Models Half-Life New Super Definition Pack

Half-Life Ultimate SD model PACK: created by Romka with some help from TheLightPhuka changes:(everything) -Female Barney -Female Otis -New...


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - PARANOIA: The Game Edition v1.2.2

Your first impression is that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares are in store for you.


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Models Half-Life New SD Model Pack

New SD MODEL PACK COMES WITH: -New female barney -New human grunts -super definition pack -better models -added game music -New scientists...


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Models Residual Life Pack

Residual Life comes with: -New Barney model -New Otis model -Retextured holo -New Textures -New sounds


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - PARANOIA: The Game Edition v1.2.1

You will play the role of a Russian officer of the secret service. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other,...


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - Sven Coop v4.8

Also includes a plethora of new weapons, enemies, visuals and gameplay systems. Customization features allow each map to use its own unique...


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - The Challenger Deep 2

It follows the same storyline as the original.


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Models Steve (Minecraft)

A Half-Life model of Steve from Minecraft.


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Modifications 95 Percent Texture Pack

This is a Texture Pack For Half-Life. More than 95% of the textures have been replaced!


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Models Shodan

System Shock is older than the HL1. It's not famous today, ONLY 'cos the TITAN HL1 was released shortly after it... VIVA System Shock, one o...


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Models Half-Life Ultra Definition Model Pack

characters).*New sounds (weapons, items and characters).*New sprites.*Minor graphic improvements to the HUDBasically every model in the game...


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Models HL - STALKERised Weapons

Makarov by (Model, Sounds): GSC Game World, (Textures): Milenia, (Compile): OLAFKnife by GSC Game World, Gearbox, Napoleon and Team ReduxPKM...


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Utilities Half-Life Xpadder profile for the Xbox 360 Controller

years ago, Half-Life 2 and its Episodes were given a massive update, allowing them to have native support for controllers (Xbox 360 in parti...


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - Hazardous Course 2

Although it's a mod for a first person shooter, the player can only wield a weapon at the designated target range. So it plays more like an...


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Media The GMAN's Briefcase

This Is "The GMAN's Briefcase" Where You Can Learn What The Gman Knows.


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - Cry of Fear v1.0

Everything in this mod is made exclusively by the developers. It also uses new gaming styles that you will rarely find in Half-Life mods, su...


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Media Early Half-Life Content

Collection of pre-release Half-Life stuff and references to pre-release Half-Life stuff. Includes: Interviews of and letters from Valve e...


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Modifications HL1 Update Mod

Installation: Half-Life Open folder "Half-Life" in my archive Extract folder "Valve" to "Steam/SteamApps/{YourAccountName}/half-life" Blu...


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Mods Earth's Special Forces: Budokai Tenkaichi Style (Goku)

system of Earth's Special Forces, this package goku models is very small, thank you very much for downloading the package.


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Modifications Half-Life Mod - Hazardous Materials Episode 1

Gordon Freeman is returning from a very normal mission, when suddenly, electricity in some parts of the Black Mesa research facility fails


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AMX Mod X AMX Mod X 1.8.1

native. Added amb1600: Trie natives for associative storage. Added amb1365: Slovak translation (thanks Centaury). Added amb1290: In...


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Modifications Half-Life: Scientist Slaugterhouse (Full Install)

Scientist Slaughterhouse: If youve got a bad temper and are sick and tired of getting arrested every time you vent on your next-door neighbo...


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Modifications Parabot: Bot for HL1 Deathmatch

For Steam-support try "Podsteam" by Whistler at www.bots-united.com. Also, a Metamod-version is available there.


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Modifications Crysis 2 Alcatraz

Alcatraz, main character of Crysis 2 player model for SvenCoop.


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Tools And Utilities Half-Life Mini SDK

An old SDK (from November 1998), also known as Model and Map SDK. It contains everything that Standard SDK 2.2 contains and several pre-rele...


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Modifications Scientist Slaughterhouse (Installer)

Scientist Slaughterhouse: If youve got a bad temper and are sick and tired of getting arrested every time you vent on your next-door neighbo...


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Tools And Utilities Half-Life SDK 2.3 (source code only)

The Software Development Kit contains source code for creating your own Half-Life add-ons.


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Media Half-Life Preliminary Findings

An official demonstrational application of Half-Life, released in October 1997 and including 12 videos and over 30 screenshots. Launch half...


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Maps hq_firstblood

http://www.planetphillip.com/ or on official site - http://www.halfquake.com/ or (recommended) on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/halfquake...


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Maps amphitheatrum

1r_detailtexturessupported 1


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Maps dmc_amphitheatrum

1Recommended number of players: 4.


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Models creeper head (satchel)

creeper? A creeper is a monster from the game Minecraft. It has the 'funny' ability to explode when it becomes close to you.So have fun, thr...


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Modifications Goldeneye Mod v1.9

Spanish:Es un paquete que incluye el Goldeneye Mod para Half -Life en su ultima version 1.9 beta configurado y con apariencia compatible co...


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Modifications Ricochet_MapPack 1.0

rc_2v2 rc_abyss rc_aimless rc_arena_tourny_2v2 rc_arenablast rc_chipsunf2 rc_chipsunf rc_clockarena rc_compact rc_crossfire rc_crossfire_r r...


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Media Barnacle Killing Barney

A pre-release video of Barnacle killing Barney.


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Media Half-Life - 1997 trailer

An original Half-Life trailer, dating back to 1997.


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Media Portal Teleport

A pre-release video of a scientist getting teleported.


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Media Half-Life Platinum Trailer

A trailer for the first Half-Life Platinum collection, including Half-Life, Opposing Force, Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike.


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Media Half-Life - Bullchicken (Bullsquid) Model Demonstration

A 360-degree demonstration of the Bullchicken (Bullsquid) pre-release model.


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Media Half-Life - Bullchicken (Bullsquid) animation

A demonstration of the Bullchicken (Bullsquid) tail swinging animation.


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Media Half-Life - Tentacle Model Demonstration

A 360-degree demonstration of the Tentacle pre-release model.


No Screenshot
Media Half-Life - Tentacle Animation

A pre-release video of the Tentacle ascending from the Blast Pit.


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Media Half-Life Audio Script

Official audio script file, released to public by Sierra in early 1999.The file is an original SFX archive from Sierra FTP containing Micros...


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Skins The Specialists Mod High Definition Weapon Pack

Uploader:RemAuthor:(Read me credits file.)


No Screenshot
Media The Specialists Mod Default Sounds and Other

Uploaded by RemSounds were made by the TS developers,so I did not make any or add custom sounds in it.I just uploaded the file.Thanks to Haw...


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Maps Levels Missions Augsburg_b3 for The Specialists Mod.

Uploaded by Rem.All credits to the makers.(Credits Wall on the map).


No Screenshot
Maps Levels Missions San Marino Final

Uploaded by Rem.All credits to it's makers.(Credits wall can be found in game on the following map).


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Mods ESF Steam Icon

Earth's Special Forces icon for the new Steam interface.Works with Earth's Special Forces Beta 1.2.3 only.


Mods Action Half Life: Directors Cut 2

Realism.' This means that you can take a few bullets and keep fighting. You can fall from a two story roof and only hurt your leg. You can b...


Models HL2-ish Zombie for Half-Life

This is the Half-Life 2 Zombie model now available for Half-Life 1.WON & Steam compatible.Copy the *.mdl files to your 'Valve/models/' folde...


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Tools And Utilities RandMap v5.00 Alpha 2.1

This is presumably the 'lost' RandMap level generator for the Half-Life series.Version 2.1. This took me over an hour to find this and I've...


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Tools And Utilities RandMap v.5.00 Alpha 2.2 FINAL

This is the last known version (Final) of 'randmap' random map generator forHalf-Life. Includes versions 1.1 and 1.2 and a new readme for in...


Models Runescape Godsword for crowbar

are HD.If there is going to be a second version of this model there will be new emotes to make it feel more like a Runescape Godsword.


Models Runescape Karil's xbow for 9mmAR (machinegun)

completly new emotes and sounds. Hope u enjoy it.(This is the second Runescape weapon model, my first one was the Runescape Godsword for cro...