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Maps GravBattle HL2 DM

I Made This Map In 6 Hours, Its Actually My First Completed Map For Any Source Game.The objective is a team of 4 people have to throw explos...


Maps Adventures Level Pack

Level pack for original Half - Life 2  Start your Half-Life 2 click the console and type "map prikljuchenija_1" Enjoy!!!


HALF Swamp

This is small level pack for original Half-Life 2


Single Player NaVirus Assassins Bronze

This is a Half Life 2 mod that puts cyber-plant assassins into the full game play through 0f HL2 using smod.


HALF Vietnam Models Pack 2.0

This pack is a collection of Vietnam-themed models. It contains 12 ragdolls, 16 weapons, and 4 miscellaneous props. Full credit to the origi...


SMOD - Tactical Delta 3 SMOD Redux Version 8

This is version 8 of the popular SMOD for Half-life 2. SMOD adds new features, weapons and more to the Half-life 2 single player experience....


Mods Black Mesa

Without question, Black Mesa is one of the most anticipated mods in years. Originally known as Black Mesa: Source (they removed the ‘S...


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Maps DM Triage Center

An abandoned hospital converted to a triage center by the resistance.Currently the location has been compromised transforming this place fro...


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Maps [HL2DM] dm_ob_nightmare_church_rc1

Extended Information KEY AUTHORS gtamike_TSGK Mapper CONTRIBUTORS stoopdapoop (From interlopers) Optimizing/Recompiling about 40 models to...


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Utilities Source SDK

The official mapping tool of the Source Engine.


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Maps dm_crossfire_final

Crossfire map for HL2 DM.


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Maps Gm NightField

A playground style map for the HL2 mod- Garry's Mod.


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Addons All WWII DOD Sweps V2.3

This is an addon for the HL2 Mod Called Garry's Mod, Place in addons to install...Read the full description


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Addons All WWII DOD Sweps

This is an addon for the HL2 Mod Called Garry's Mod, Place in addons to install...


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Garry's Mod Garry's Mod: Flatgrass Bunker

3d skybox to avoid lag.


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Addons ApwnInTheDark's Starship Pack

- - - - - ApwnInTheDark's Starship Pack - - - - -v1.0


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Garry's Mod Garry's Mod: Nuke pack

A nuke pack which will install a nuke SWEP in your weapons list. Want to nuke something? Grab this file!


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Garry's Mod Garry's Mod: Wiremod Downloader

zip folder into your addons folder2. Run wire_download.bat2b. If it asks you to accept a security certificate choose to accept permanently3....


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Garry's Mod Garry's Mod: Dismemberment Mod

Version:Name speaks for itself... make body parts "disappear"If you don't read this description, a Yeti will come to your window at night


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Garry's Mod Garry's Mod: Worldwide Map

source will do without shitting it's self.256 displacements make up the terrain of the earth and it's textured with two 4096^2 textures.