Half-Life 2

By taking the suspense, challenge and visceral charge of the original, and adding startling new realism and responsiveness, Half-Life 2 opens the door to a world where the player's presence affects ev...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Black Mesa 2.33GB 300
DM Triage Center 751KB 76
[HL2DM] dm_ob_nightmare_church_rc1 71.08MB 204
Source SDK 26.55MB 1,275
dm_crossfire_final 35.17MB 608
Gm NightField 9.55MB 202
All WWII DOD Sweps V2.3 122.4MB 1,926
All WWII DOD Sweps 122.39MB 488
Garry's Mod: Flatgrass Bunker 830KB 755
ApwnInTheDark's Starship Pack 80.59MB 845
Garry's Mod: Nuke pack 971KB 12,543
Garry's Mod: Wiremod Downloader 968KB 7,123
Garry's Mod: Dismemberment Mod 1.02MB 10,921
Garry's Mod: Worldwide Map 7.71MB 1,001
Garry's Mod: F-E-A-R Style HUD 46KB 1,149
Garry's Mod: Alyx's Pistol 949KB 1,196
Garry's Mod: Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle 2.03MB 1,917
Garry's Mod: Warhammer 40,000 Boltgun SWEP 22.33MB 1,691
Garry's Mod: Quake Shotguns Pack 3.19MB 701
Garry's Mod: Halo 3: ODST NPC 2.38MB 3,668
Garry's Mod: Halo Covenant Energy Sword 375KB 1,179
Garry's Mod: Mega Full Auto Rocket Launcher 3.43MB 958
Garry's Mod: Animated Gman Lightning Background 10.25MB 460
dm_battle_lobby_final 7.84MB 302
Zombie_Panic_Source_Prefas.zip 18KB 122
dm_starwars_bunkers_v1b.bsp 10.78MB 194
Walmart_urbanwarfare_HE.zip 4.49MB 97
Half-Life 2: DM Diablo Games Map (v1.0) 1.55MB 14
Half-Life 2: DM Shattered Hope Map (Beta 3) 1.63MB 9
Half-Life 2: DM Unholy Trinity Map (Beta 2) 3.24MB 77
Battle Grounds: New Pennsylvania Rifle Skin (v1.0) 6.46MB 12
Half-Life 2: DM Lost Archipelago Map (v1.0) 13.16MB 78
Zombie Panic: Source - Elmira Street Map (Beta 1) 6.43MB 79
Zombie Panic: Source - Temple Prime SP Map (v3.0) 2.5MB 32
Half-Life 2: DM The Exile Grounds Map (v1.0) 6.83MB 46
Half-Life 2: Source Sauce Utility (v2.0) 260KB 162
Half-Life 2: DM Dark Vendetta Map (v1.0) 9.21MB 53
Fortress Forever v2.3 Full Installation 750.78MB 2,856
HL2: Episode 2 Cyberscape SP Mod 203.01MB 533
HL2: Episode 2 Maria Haunted Map 1.02MB 98
Half-Life 2: DM X-bow Cube (v1.0) 1.14MB 107
Stargate: The Last Stand (1.0 Beta) 386.54MB 1,859
Half-Life 2: SP Corridors Map (v1.0) 3.03MB 260
Stargate: The Last Stand (1.0 Beta - Server Files) 566.43MB 359
Half-Life 2: DM Killboxbrick (v1.0) 667KB 202
Half-Life 2: Beretta m92 Pistol Model Replacement (v1.0) 2.05MB 359
FakeFactory: Cinematic Mod (v9.5) 1.6GB 10,330
Kreedz Climbing: Client Installer (Beta 4) 434.57MB 507
FakeFactory: Cinematic Mod V9.5 Teaser 154.23MB 3,797
Half-Life 2: Ragnarok Arena Remastered (Beta 1) 272.93MB 1,242
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Half Life 2 Beta Exploration! FileTrekker 18th June 2018
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Fistful of Frags 2.5 preview. Guest 20th February 2009
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