EP1: The Sprucecape Map Pack

life, trough the rough Point Spruce, Alaska Life has not trea...


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life, trough the rough Point Spruce, Alaska Life has not treated John Sprucecape well. That's why he hasn't treated his family well either.In the Sprucecape Map Pack, you take the role of John Sprucecape. Once a succeeded professor of philosophy, but now a violent unemployed middle-aged man with an alcohol addiction. John's wife fears for their child and herself, but is too frightened to leave John, fearing the reaction of her failed-in-life husband. Until one day, John's wife has collected enough courage and decides to flee from Point Spruce with the son, Eddie.John Sprucecape wakes up and notices he has been left alone and locked in his own house. All he wants is to find his escaping family. What John doesn't know, is that it will be the most fearsome and challenging journey of his life.The Sprucecape Map Pack is a compilation of three breathtakingly exciting maps, each with their totally own atmospheres and locales. The Map Pack is all about puzzle solving, dramatic atmospheres and intensive combat. Worth of trying experience, indeed.

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