16,000,000 Downloads Served By HL2Files.com

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Published by Azzkiker 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Not long ago we reported that, [url="http://www.hl2files.com"]HL2Files.com[/url], had surpassed 15 Million downloads and today we're happy to report that we've served over [u][b]16 MILLION[/b][/u] (!!) downloads served to the community! Although the majority is Half-Life 2 related, we also offer news and files for Counter-Strike & it's many variants, Day of Defeat: Source, Team Fortress 2, Portal and many more! Left 4 Dead is being negotiated and may soon join the ranks! You can view all our featured games in the [b]File Browser:[/b] http://www.hl2files.com/files You can also view the latest 10 items on our [b]Latest News:[/b] http://www.hl2files.com/news Don't forget to complete a quick, free [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/members/register"]Registration[/url] to enable you to comment & voice your opinion on files & news, reduce advertisements displayed to you and show you an overview of what's been added newly since your last visit! [b]Site Stats:[/b] [list] [*] [u]Files:[/u] 5433 [*] [u]Downloads:[/u] [b]16,010,103[/b] [*] [u]Archive Size:[/u] 140.29 GB [*] [u] Megabytes Transferred:[/u] 2,454,470,094.73 = (2.29 Peta Bytes!) [/list] We will continously strive to provide you with the very latest news, files and resources for the Half-Life franchise & associated Steam/VALVE games deep deep into the future! We are also currently working on creating a special contest with many prizes and giveaways as we approach our 5-year anniversary in a few months time!! However, we need YOUR help! We need YOU to tell us what you like & what you dont like on the site. What features would you like to see and what aspects of the site do you not particularly like or enjoy? How can we improve the site more for you? Is there something that really annoys you here? Or anything that you would simply love to see on here? [i]Please[/i] [b]do[/b] get in touch and voice your opinions, they are very valuable to us, both positive and negative comments are very welcome! Feel free to post below in the comments section or e-mail me at [u]azzkiker[AT]gmail[DOT].com[/u] [[url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/members/mailform?user_name=azzkiker"]or click here[/url]]. Note: E-mailing Weekly Poll ideas as well as adding quality [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/potd/Add"]Picture of the Day[/url]'s are welcome too! Finally, we'd just like to thank the [u]entire[/u] community for making us your No.1 stop for the latest HL2 content & helping us reach this massive accomplishment! Thank you all! Here we go onwards to the next 1,000,000 & eventually 20 million total downloads milestone! :)
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