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Mod DB has written an interesting article regarding hl2 mods that aren't resolved with blowing things up. The article takes a dive into the world of action/adventure mods - without guns. We all know how much fun an action adventure game can be after we tried to find the o so delicious cake in Portal. Something new and different can be a welcome change. [b]
"There's more to interaction with your environment than just shooting it. Try taking ideas and inspiration from outside mediums, from life. Something happens when you take the gun out of a players hand. The thought process goes from, "What can I shoot?" to, "What can I interact with?" It becomes a different kind of adventure- one that may be a welcome change."
[/b] [quote]I decided to take a break from Crysis and shooters altogether to work on my single-player, action/adventure mod prototype. I plan to incorporate an engaging story within action adventure gameplay elements, without using guns. Something a little different that will draw the crowds from all the military and/or rebel militia mods out there. I feel as though the majority of mods today are just cannibalizing on one of the most popular sector in games today - the first person shooter. You see a lot of cannibalizing in commercial games and there's a reason for it. New intellectual properties with different gameplay are very high-risk ventures and sometimes aren't marketed right (see: Psychonauts). So they mostly stick to what sells, and what sells are first person shooters. So what we get as consumers are games that are just iterations of each other. Sometimes we'll get some innovation, sometimes they're just gimmicks, (see: Cold Fear with all-new boat tilting action!) but a lot of the time it’s just a Xerox of a Xerox. A copy of a copy. Blacksite 51 anyone?[/quote] The full article can be found [url=""]HERE[/url]
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