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Rock, Paper, Shotgun have an in-depth, interview with everybody's favorite game developer, the man who's behind it all, Gabe Newell!
[b]RPS: Do you think of Valve as a philanthropic company?[/b] Gabe: I don’t usually think of it that way. We think of ourselves as very much grounded in the community, and as part of the community. We’ve got our role; everyone has their role, whether it be the press or people who build levels, and so forth. We feel like we’re in there as part of the community, rather than benevolently standing above it. [b]RPS: That must be deliberate though, because you could so easily position yourself in a benevolent role, over and above the community?[/b] Gabe: Yes, but I think that’s dangerous. We all got our start as fans. There’s a tremendous power in bringing that perspective into game design: wanting to make something that really is worth people’s time and money. It also gives you a sense of how few opportunities you have – we all know people in the industry where you can look at them and say “well you did this great thing here and then wasted the opportunity in subsequent years.” They just threw something together and that’s two or three years out of their career that they’re not going to get back. We’re also trying to make sure that we make the most of the incredible good fortune that we’ve had, and that it benefits everyone who has supported us. Check out the full interview [url=""]HERE[/url]
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