Blades Of Blood : The Foretold Ninjay HL2 Mod Preview

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For you today, we have a preview of a mod for the soon (yeah right) to be released Half Life 2. This feature details the mod and features of it which are planned to be implemented. [b]Blades of Blood: The Foretold Ninja[/b] [i]Outline:[/i] Durability on Swords Alarms / Stealth / Assassination Maps / Hunter Maps Ninjas Hunter-Nins Missing-Nins Samurais Target Players Character Classes Environment Team Play Sword Play Throwing Weapons Jutsu [b]Weapons:[/b] Currently there are only a few weapons such as Katana, Wakazishi, and Ninja-To, nunchakus and so on. I have recently researched for more variety in weapons that were used and have found several I plan on modeling for the mod, I have also decided to include hand to hand combat. One such weapon includes a dart gun with poison darts. Another type of weapons I have been thinking about are being able to mix different poisons with different effects by finding certain plants that could randomly be placed around a map to be used to coat your shurikens. These poisons were meant to numb, blind, or even kill, but in order to keep this a little more fair. The killing poisons hurt for duration of time but do not completely kill the enemy unless he is already nearly dead. The numbing poisons last for duration of time only to slow the enemy down allowing you to escape or to give you an upper hand. The blinding potions last for duration of time with only partial blindness only enough for you to escape from battle or to allow you to position yourself for attack. [b]Ranks:[/b] Genin - Low Rank Fighter Chunin - Middle Rank Fighter Jonin - High Rank Fighter [b]Durability on Swords:[/b] In Blades of Blood there will be Durability for all weapons other then Shurikens. In Blades of Blood every contact against another sword or a solid object will lower the durability of the weapon in a way think of it as ammunition for a weapon but altered in a way that only hits will lower your ammunition. We decided to put in Durability on your swords so you will be forced into using your weapons wisely and possibly force stealth on some in order to accomplish the objectives, or just to make him use the other weapons instead of his primary one. Simply cutting through simple things like boards of wood or thin walls won’t damage your sword but hitting other swords and hard walls or trees will damage your sword. The damage caused to your sword will depend on how strong of an attack you tried to do. The ninja-to (ninja sword) will have lower durability then the Katana in order to get a better balance between Ninja’s and Samurai’s. (Please go to Jutsu in order to find out why) [b]Alarms / Stealth / Assassination Maps:[/b] - Open for other ideas and current idea could change - In Blades of Blood on Assassination Maps will have Alarms on Infiltration types and stealth required in order to win the round. Before you flip out about having alarms let me describe how the alarms will be used. Alarms are to be used to warn the others that Ninjas have infiltrated the building going for their target. In most Infiltration maps there will be 3 levels of defense your outside and first level defense, your second level, and then your elite guards with the target. The way you trigger an alarm which sets a penalty against the Ninjas for not using stealth is running up to the targets room and get inside. The only way you can set off an alarm is if you have seen a ninja which then will then allow you to trip the alarm if you survive to the targets room. Ninjas will surely try to kill you if they were spotted and once you have died you can not warn. And when ninjas are on the final level first and secondary defense cant set off anymore alarms and alarms will be disabled completely to be sure that nobody can trigger the alarms anymore to make the ninjas lose the round. The other type of map for Assassination Maps is Assault Maps. This is where your target is being escorted to a location by his Samurai guards. Ninjas are the attackers to attack the target and kill him before he reaches a point on the map. The plan for this map will be a path fairly wide enough for the group and have the path straight from starting point to the finishing point. If the target can reach the finishing point Samurais score points. The rest of the level will be fairly narrow but wide enough to have plenty of scenery and places to hide. The objective for Ninjas is to use a great deal of stealth and try to determine the weak points to attack in order to achieve a swift win. If they never get a good time to attack then the last option left is a full force strike of the whole ninja team going into battle with the targets guards. All targets will be able to fight back and will have special skills in order for them to be able to defend themselves to an extent but they will still be very weak compared to the Samurais or the Ninjas. The Newest additions to Assassination Maps will be the Hunter Maps. Hunter Maps will involve Hunter-Nins hunting down and assassinating very dangerous Missing-Nins unlike the other assassination maps the target isn’t the strongest or has much health. But Missing-Nins are just like a normal ninja that is very skilled and his clan he has with him will also be very violent so this will not be such an easy mission. Hunter-Nins are not going to be such pushovers either because they will be highly skilled just like the Missing-Nins. [b]Ninjas:[/b] Ninja’s will consist of a ranking scale that will open them up for skills (jutsu’s) to better enhance the player and to make him different from others. The Ninja-to for primary, tanto for secondary, and anything you choose for your special weapon (like bo or sais stuff like that). Ninjas will be more swift and stealthier then the samurais. Ninja skills will consist of things such as mastery in poisons to be able to create poisons from the plants hidden around the maps, or even taijutsu which will increase your power with hand to hand combat. [b]Hunter-Nins:[/b] Hunter-Nins are Ninjas that hunt down and kill Ninjas that have betrayed a certain clan and will possibly give the clan a bad reputation so Hunter-Nins will find and assassinate these ninjas. The Hunter-Nins will have more ninjas then Missing-Nins but they will be much weaker then the Missing-Nins. [b]Missing-Nins:[/b] Missing-Nins are Ninjas that have betrayed and left a certain clan and have gone to be mercenaries for hire and possibly soil the good name of the clan. Would consist of very few but strong ninjas, will have several skills and more health and other advantages. [b]Samurais:[/b] I think we have samurais pretty set to where they need to be. Samurais will be highly skilled with sword combat and lack in stealth and swiftness compared to the ninjas. Samurais will carry Katana as their primary, Wakazishi as their secondary, and not sure if we should allow them to have specials like the ninjas can. Samurai’s will be based through a certain ranking system to allow skill upgrades to make it so every Samurai is different from one another. Skills for Samurais could consist of strength and speed on attacks more thoughts to come for this. [b]Target Players:[/b] Target Players are players that ninjas are to attack and assassinate on the Assassination maps. These target players will not be completely worthless and hard to defend as they can fight back but can still be easily killed. They will use only a basic sword or a basic weapon like bo. [b]Character Classes:[/b] There will be a form of character classes in Blades of Blood. These character classes will be very basic and only 2 types for ninja and samurais. These classes are basic ninja and ninja leader and basic samurai and samurai leader. They won’t be this plain but we haven’t thought of any really good names for the classes. I am thinking on Low Class Ninja and Elite Ninja, Low Class Samurai and Elite Samurai. Maybe like that not sure. [b]Environment:[/b] Based in Feudal Japan the environment will be very interactive as you will be able to bust through tree limbs, walls, and even doors, anything that is thin or break able if cut or thrown into. There will be traps that can be triggered to help both Samurais and Ninjas. No real good ideas yet on types of traps that can be set or triggered off but we are working on thinking up some good ones that can be really helpful to take out single enemies or groups. Also thinking if we should have them be able to be set up by the player themselves in order for it to work to their own need. [b]Team Play:[/b] Hopefully we can get it so that everyone uses their team for help and not try to be such a loner running around trying to kill everyone. I am hoping that we can get it to work out in some way to be sure everyone can work together properly in order to win. [b]Sword Play:[/b] There will be several different types of stances as well as different attacks. If we work clans into the mix then we plan on having every clan have a different fighting stance. There will be all your basic attacks with swords and all weapons put into the game. There is going to be two different stances one is a standard stance where you have no weapon out that’s meant for throwing weapons like shurikens or throwing knives. The other stance will be the attack stance where you will be able to strike your opponent with your weapon you have selected. [b]Fighting system:[/b] The fighting system will consist of combination of keys in order to do moves. Depending on what you are doing the moment you do an attack will depend on how strong and what type of attack it will be. Running straight and attacking will do a jab or a fast slash. Ducking and attacking would do an uppercut. Things like that. This needs to be planned out still. [b]Throwing Weapons:[/b] Throwing weapons (shurikens and kunai) will be and can be a very useful tool for a ninja and can be used to set off traps at a distance. We plan on having you only be able to hold 3 kunai or shurikens in your hand at once to throw and you can either throw them one by one or all of what you have at your enemy in one click. Your primary fire for kunai will be a single very accurate kunai will be thrown. Your secondary fire for kunai will be throwing all of what you have in your hand (3 kunai) at your target with about 75% accuracy but the kunai will stay closer together enough to deal good damage and be very effective. Kunai will be more for a single person. Shurikens will be meant to be thrown into compact groups of enemies when you throw them all at once. Single fire will just throw one and have it be accurate but if you are doing your secondary fire it will spread more in order to hit multiple targets for fair amount of damage. [b]Jutsu:[/b][i] - Still have not been finalized and does not include Samurai powers.[/i] This is Jutsu the Ninjas special ability that will be achievable with skill points you earn to learn new and special Jutsu’s or get stronger ones. There is a few that will be automatically given to any Ninja for the basics. All Jutsu’s with *’s by then are basic Jutsu’s you start with no matter what skill level. [i]Ankokutostoshijutsu[/i] - Ways to see in the dark [i]Genjutsu[/i] - Magic and Illusions [i]*Jutaijutsu[/i] - Ninja styled grappling [i]Jojutsu[/i] - Staff and Cane Fighting [i]Koppojutsu[/i] - Art of Bone Breaking [i]*Kenjutsu[/i] - Sword Combat [i]Shoten No Jutsu[/i] - Vertical Surface Running [i]Suitonjutsu[/i] - Water Escape Art (Allows one to be invisible in water) 15 to 20 sec length [i]*Shurikenjutsu[/i] - Art of Throwing Objects [i]Setonjutsu[/i] - Snow Shinobi (makes your clothing white in order to hide in snow) [i]*Taijutsu[/i] - Unarmed Combat [i]Unshinjutsu[/i] - Art of being Invisible [b]Ankokutostoshijutsu[/b] - Higher the level the better you can make out things in the dark. This will have a time limit and triggered like a weapon. Primary attack will enable it, secondary attack will disable it. First level it will last 5 seconds second level will last 10 seconds. [b]Genjutsu[/b] - (based off the Alien Summoning Weapon in Hl2) This is selected like a weapon and primary click triggers a normal clone of yourself that will charge the enemy but will vanish as soon as he is touched by the enemy to give you a chance to confuse your enemy to strike him or to retreat. There is 2 levels to this First Level creates 2 clones Second Level creates 4 clones. Secondary click triggers clones to appear right in front of the enemy you’re looking at when you perform this. (First level 2 clones second level 4 clones) These Clones do not Attack and are noticeable if you look hard enough that they are slightly transparent giving away that its not the real one this is the only way to tell if one is real or not. [b]Jutaijutsu[/b] - This is the basic grappling style that will be done with or without weapons to simple pull someone out of view or disable them. Without using a weapon this will simply stun them. Using a weapon will kill them. [b]Jojutsu[/b] - This is a jutsu given to Ninjas that are using a boe. [b]Koppojutsu[/b] - The art of bone breaking. This is just going to be a jutsu that allows a ninja to grab an opponent and snap his neck in a quick and orderly fashion. [b]Kenjutsu[/b] - This is just the jutsu for Sword Combat. This is given to every ninja no matter what skill. [b]Shoten No Jutsu[/b] - This Jutsu allows you to run along walls and run up them this Jutsu has 2 levels the first is a basic wall run that lasts for a few seconds the other level is advanced and allows you to wall run a lot longer. [b]Suitonjutsu[/b] - This jutsu will allow you to be totally masked under water. The first level will be 10 seconds. The second level will be 15 or 20 seconds. [b]Shurikenjutsu[/b] - This jutsu is the art of throwing objects. Every ninja starts with this because this is a basic jutsu. [b]Setonjutsu[/b] - This jutsu allows you to change the color of your gi to white in order to mask yourself in snow better. This jutsu is triggered as soon as you get it and never goes off until it goes to a map that does not allow this jutsu. (In other words it works on snowy maps other wise it’s a waste now wouldn’t you agree?) [b]Taijutsu[/b] - This jutsu is a basic jutsu that allows for unarmed combat such as punches and kicks. (Possibly pressure points as well) [b]Ushinjutsu[/b] - You select this Jutsu like it is a weapon. Primary click will Cloak and it will force you to not move until you’re uncloaked. Secondary click will uncloak you. You can not attack until 5 to 10 seconds after your uncloaked. The team also are a little short of help, they need:- [quote]Coders: 2 or 3 (Would be nice) Modelers: 3 (Need experienced human modelers) Mappers: 2 or 3 (Would be nice to have a wide variety of maps) 0 Texture Artists: 2 Skinners: 2 Sound Artists: 1 or 2 (Experienced sound rippers to get great sounds for all sorts of things) Animators: 2 When the SDK is released I plan on coding some things to hopefully get some things going in game. No website yet, I do not have the experience to create a website worth hosting anywhere. Anybody looking to create our website and get us hosted with Forums and a Dev Journal would be greatly appreciated. Email me or MSG me on MSN at [email protected] or MSG OoLoNgTeATrEe on AIM or the co-leader Tri3z32385.ill take anybody that can benefit the small team of 2 people. We have little work done from the lack of a team and time.[/quote] Theres all the info thats currently availiable for you all. If its possible, you may be able to look forward to a little competition with the team doing this mod, that I thought up. There is some consulting needed prior to this though. For now just look at the pretty pictures!

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