Calamity Fuse Open Beta Released

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A new open beta is now available for Calamity Fuse. This is a new Source engine based multiplayer game that defies boundaries. Play it as an FPS, as an RPG, or as a fighting game, or all three at once. This amalgamation of genres combines the action of first person shooters with a customizable spell-building system and fighting game mechanics. Fight with firearms or hold epic aerial melee battles. Calamity Fuse gives the player innovative customizable gameplay: manage stats like Strength, Defense and Speed, build up defense and become a sword swinging demolisher, create devastating elemental attacks to decimate the opposing team from a distance, or powerful defenses to nullify magic and even absorb it to regain health, have the ability to inflict strategic status effects on your foes such as damage over time, loss of stamina and inhibited movement, or compound your healing abilities to play support.

Features: Buildable inventory with choice of multiple weapons and armors Fully customizable spell-building system Fighting game style melee combat "Wall latching" allows mobility over vertical surfaces Automatic target system allows teammates to communicate non-verbally

To participate in the open beta, visit

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