Dystopia gets Steamed.

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One of the very first Half Life 2 mods has released some interesting news. They are the 8th mod (Thats released the news) to have access to Steamworks.

Since being given the opportunity to utilize the SteamWorks utility, we have made it very clear to ourselves that we would keep it a secret, even to our best of friends, play testers and supporters, until we knew for a fact that we could harness this powerful application.

I have the pleasure of announcing that our next version, 1.2, complete with new maps, many new changes and fixes, will be available direct to download from Steam, utilizing the SteamWorks framework! I have said it numerous times in the past, but I will re-iterate. It does not matter the quality of the modification or game brought to SteamWorks, as it does that the modding community has been given this great opportunity to use such a distinguished application. We are very proud to be alongside some of the greatest modifications the Source community has to offer like Eternal Silence, Insurgency, D.I.P.R.I.P., Pirates, Vikings & Knights II, and more!

Along with this announcement, we'd like to formally announce the long-awaited and much anticipated Dystopia Statistics & Information System 2.0. We call it 2.0, because it is a complete rewrite, from the network protocol to the master server to the database to the web frontend. The whole thing is new and incorporates much of what we have learned from the original system. We've also implemented rolling stats, as was discussed heavily on the suggestions forums. It is flawlessly integrated into our next version to deliver a fast and easy to interpret informational view of all of Dystopia's players, matches, servers and more.

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