Eternal Silence - A Heavy Response

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News in from the UTF is that they are working on a new heavy Fighter. Lets take a look.

It has been quite a while since I've had the opportunity to update the site. We're still working on 3.2 and we hope to bring you it along with other goodies soon. We are not entirely sure when it will be released, but we can give a feature list so far:

Version 3.2 [ADD] - Added the Control game mode (cp_ maps) [ADD] - Added the CTF Game mode (ctf_ maps) [ADD] - Added Demolish game mode (de_ maps) [ADD] - Added new map: cp_warpath [ADD] - Added new map: ctf_spaceinvaders [ADD] - Added UTF Heavy Fighter [ADD] - Added NGM Interceptor [ADD] - Added the possibility of a shield corvette (hook up a capship-shield on a corvette) [ADD] - Improved Corvette death explosion [ADD] - Added spawn protection (3 seconds invulnerability) [ADD] - Added location to voice commands [ADD] - Now receive points for capturing subsystems, damaging corvettes, hacking, capping flags [FIX] - Made it impossible to damage yourself from flamer primary [FIX] - Permanently turned off fall damage (no longer a server setting) [FIX] - damage_forward entity doesn't disappear at a distance anymore [FIX] - Gave passengers space radar [FIX] - Game returns to Team menu at the end of a round [BAL] - Increased Melee attack and bullet force on hacker turret [BAL] - Evened clip sizes for both teams [BAL] - Ships are only visible on radar within 400 meters when engines cut [BAL] - Added anti team-stacking mechanism (mp_autobalance) [BAL] - Reduced Carbine Damage

We have focused our efforts on bringing more variety to the game and hopefully attracting new players. Our testing so far has been really positive on the new game modes and we continue to add replay value to the game.

I'd also like to mention we are looking for new mappers, so if you have the talent please sign up.

I leave you with images of the new UTF Heavy Fighter created by Daniel Williams.

For months UTF flight regiments took the casualties. The UTF fighter was no match for this NGM Heavy Fighter behemoth with its deadly flak and thick armor. UTF Command ordered the creation of a new ship class to combat the foe and even the odds. Quickly UTF engineers put together parts from the UTF Fighter in a much larger hull and fitted the craft with stolen flak cannons. The larger hull allowed for new weapon possibilities, which the engineers planned to work on in the near future, as the salvaged cannons were quickly running out.

Rumor has it the NGM is working on creating its own interceptor to provide long range support to its space superiority fighters.

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