Eternal Silence - We Are Going On Steam.

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Some interesting news from the Eternal Silence mod team.

A few weeks ago, we were approached by Valve to distribute Eternal Silence on Steam. You may have heard about 5 other mods releasing on Steam last week. They have seen great success as their projects were marketed to some 15 million gamers. We're happy to announce Eternal Silence will get the same treatment within the next month.

We are wrapping up development on 3.2, and it's doing pretty good. Since the last news post, we've gone and redone all of the infantry balancing. Many of our testers said the difference was instantly noticeable, so for all those who thought our infantry combat needed just a little tweak, it's here. We've increased damage on most of the weapons, increased armor on all players and introduced interesting class differences which promote a different approach to combat for each class.

Distribution on Steam gives us many perks, but we are most excited about being able to instantly update everyone to the latest ES. We expect to release patches much more frequently, since it's so simple now. Over time you will see us adding achievements, stats and other goodies.

I'll close with some map screenshots our mapper Michael has cooked up. He has forked development of es_nebular into es_ice, a new map we will be promoting. The infantry layout has changed for both teams and the space is less foggy. This is only the beginning, we have another half-dozen maps under development behind the scenes, but we can't ruin all the surprises.

There are many more pictures posted in our gallery so check those out too.

3.2 will be ready next month. Keep an eye out for a Steam Update about us. We expect a good turnout for this one.

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