Exciting News from Master Blasters!

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Master Blasters has been chosen (with much amazement to the team) to be published in the next upcoming releases of the German-made PC GAMES and PC ACTION magazine! (and I thought they only made Volkswagens over there) Nothing can compare to such a great opportunity for our team so therefore; as free men, we take pride in the words, “Ich bin ein Berliner." We here on the Master Blasters Team have always enjoyed playing on some of the custom maps that our favorite games have to offer. Whether the game is Counterstrike, Quake, or Leisure Suit Larry, customs maps have always inspired some of the best times in our gaming travels. Therefore, we are releasing an instructional text file along with a sample map to give some inside information on how to design a map as unusual as the ones included in Master Blasters. The files can be found here or you can find it included within the mod’s release this Thursday. If you missed last week’s news post, we have included a small, but inspiring background story for our game. Here’s a little snippet of what to expect from this masterpiece: “The centuries-old tale of the Master Blasters Tournament is a legend shrouded in mystery. In a time and place void of a written language, the history of the Master Blasters Tournament had been passed down in the form of pictograph murals and verses committed to memory…” And finally, we must say that this game does NOT include pirates you can play (atleast not in this version)…but per request, here’s a little something that you pirate fans can enjoy when you ARRRRRRRR playing this game at home. **For links and pics, see the Source link or go here: http://news.moddb.com/20647/exciting-news-from-master-blasters/
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