Firearms 2.9 Review At Mod N Mod

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Published by Azzkiker 15 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Half-Life Firearms V2.9 Mod has been reviewed by Mod N Mod. Here's a snippet:
"As I walk through the thick jungle, with my custom made AK-74 with GP25 grenade launcher, I begin to feel uneasy. I order the scout to move up. He find just what I had feared, a sniper. The shot cracks and the scout dies instantly. Adrenaline kicks in as enemy M16A2s ripe through the dence jungle. I hit the ground hard while my M60 guy lights up like the 4th. Soon we take another casualty. This time a rifleman is hit and wounded. Screams of "MEDIC!" echo in the jungle. I then light up some poor bastard trying to crawl to safety. He didnt have a chance against my 5.45x39 rounds. Then I spot him, the sniper. My GP25 grenade rips his body and the medic arrives lighting up the jungle with his 12 Gauge Remington." Welcome to FireArms 2.9!
Read the whole review HERE!
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