Firearms 2.9 Review At Mod N Mod

By Azzkiker 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Half-Life [url="http://www.firearmsmod.com/"]Firearms V2.9[/url] Mod has been reviewed by [url="http://www.modnmod.com/"]Mod N Mod[/url]. Here's a snippet: [quote]"As I walk through the thick jungle, with my custom made AK-74 with GP25 grenade launcher, I begin to feel uneasy. I order the scout to move up. He find just what I had feared, a sniper. The shot cracks and the scout dies instantly. Adrenaline kicks in as enemy M16A2s ripe through the dence jungle. I hit the ground hard while my M60 guy lights up like the 4th. Soon we take another casualty. This time a rifleman is hit and wounded. Screams of "MEDIC!" echo in the jungle. I then light up some poor bastard trying to crawl to safety. He didnt have a chance against my 5.45x39 rounds. Then I spot him, the sniper. My GP25 grenade rips his body and the medic arrives lighting up the jungle with his 12 Gauge Remington." Welcome to FireArms 2.9![/quote] Read the whole review [url="http://www.modnmod.com/mods/Firearms/reviews.php"]HERE[/url]!

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