FiringSquad Interview With Doug Lombardi

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Published by Alex84 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[url=""]Firing Squad[/url] have conducted an interview with Valves Doug Lombardi about the upcoming Half Life 2:Episode One title which is released tomorrow.Take a look at this snippet from the interview: [quote][b]FiringSquad:[/b] Since Episode 1 continues the storyline from Half-Life 2, how hard was it to make this first chapter a solid continuation of the first game yet still have enough to get people to want to have the second episode? [b]Doug Lombardi:[/b] The story goals for Episode One were simply that: To resolve some of the open items of Half-Life 2, and launch the three-part adventure that takes us beyond City 17. Since the time in which all of this takes place is more or less continuous, it was a fairly straightforward process. [b]FiringSquad:[/b] Many folks enjoyed the physics puzzles in Half-Life 2. Are there any puzzles like that in Episode One? [b]Doug Lombardi:[/b] Absolutely. We learned a lot from the player feedback on Half-Life 2, and in Episode One we’ve attempted to give the player and the NPCs more options and opportunities to manipulate the physically simulated environment. [/quote] To read the full interview take a visit to [url=""]Firing Squad[/url] by clicking [url=""]here[/url].
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