Fistful of Frags 2.5 preview.

15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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One year has passed since our first beta went public, that was fast! It´s still the same game in some aspects, but many things have changed and many more will do shortly. You knew Fistful of Frags as a multiplayer only modification and that will be no more when beta 2.5 is released. A co-operative/singleplayer mode is in the making, here´s some info: [*] fully predicted AI for online matches, expanded with some new features to make it more smart and responsive. NPCs use almost the entire arsenal. There will be a Gatling gun and a snake NPC too, just to start with! [*] up to 8 human players, most missions can be played in singleplayer/offline mode, NPC companions will help you in such case. [*] the amount of enemies and difficulty are proportional to humans amount and skill, so no matter how many persons play, the game will try to adapt itself. [*] different mission types: father Ramirez/prisoner escort, last stand, escape, assassination, train escort, push the cart and many more! Pretty much any kind of mission is possible due the freedom and extra features our objective system offers to level designers [*] available equipment: notoriety based leveling or traditional (weapon pick-ups around the map or dropped from dead enemies), depends how´s the mission designed [*] AI works in most deathmatch maps too! In those maps is also possible to force a team deathmatch scenario, humans vs AI. Would you like to take a look? This video isn´t very elaborated but is enough to showcase an intense assault which involves around 40 NPCs and only one human player. Watch in HD quality recommended. Regarding this co-op matter, we are looking for level designers to create missions for our new mode. The Wild West presents many opportunities to create a great co-operative experience, but we cannot do that alone. If you are interested send us an email (details are in "join us" section). If this isn´t enough for you, wait, there is more! Winchester 1893, the granddaddy of all pump shotguns, will make its presence in beta 2.5. It´s a relatively late weapon for wild west era, we know, but makes plenty of sense gameplay wise and be sure is a hell of fun too. There´s also the new map fof_loothill, it plays better than looks and looks great as you can see. Player speed will be faster too, there will be some weapon balance as usual. We are also removing the slot restriction so 32 slots, the engine maximum, will be possible in a few maps for the moment. Finally, deathmatch classic will be introduced in some maps, players will have to find weapons and power-ups around the map instead gaining notoriety. When should you expect the new release? It´ll happen around February, most probably, just around the corner. You also may join the public testing we are doing from time to time, step by our forums. Hope you like the new additions.

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