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Alright, this is a message for everyone that sends a file to us ([email protected]).. If you go to the following link that is located [url=""]-=here=-[/url], you will see every information you need before submitting a file to us, but i've noticed allot of people (not all, but quite allot) do not send any readme or screenshot on the files. May i remind you, that files with no screenshots mostly will [u]NOT[/u] be accepted.., unless the file is a sound file or a file that totally doesnt need any screenshot, then of course it will be added :P. When emailing us, make sure you add the following things: [*][b]Author[/b]: Name of the author [*][b]ReadMe[/b]: Even though a file without readme will be accepted, but the file will be set as unknown author and you may get credit problems, and if thats the case, file will be removed right away. [*][b]Zip OR Rar[/b]: Pack it with winrar or winzip, its allot easyer to pack the file, with a readme and screenshots so we can add it right away on this website.. [*][b]Screenshots[/b]: And not to forget the screenshots, ALWAYS add screenshots (unless it aint needed), otherwise file may be disclined. [*][b]Information[/b]: Please do not forget to add the file's information, information such as what kind of file it is, a model, skin, sound.. etc.. Many Greetz, Skyrid3r (Site Manager @ < [email protected] > [b]P.S[/b] If you send a file to [email protected] and you get an error from postmaster saying that you can't send to [email protected], If that's The Problem Please send the file to [email protected] or [email protected] and we will take care of the file. Thanx, ~Mentalx [email protected] Site Manager
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