Fortress Forever - Huge Interview!

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An employee of Planet Half Life, had the honor to ask the team of Fortress Forvever lots of questions. [quote]Fortress Forever is arguably one of the most anticipated modifications for Half-Life 2. Continuing the ever-popular "Team Fortress" series made popular by the original modification for Quake 1 way back in 1996, Fortress Forever hopes not only to bring back the hardcore fans, but to attract newcomers as well—creating the largest TF community ever! Considering that the development team is not only made up of highly-talented individuals, but that each of them are prominent in the TF community, I think that Fortress Forever has a pretty good shot at accomplishing its goals. Today the development team has given me the chance to ask them a ton of questions about some of the more technical aspects of creating this promising mod.[/quote] Interested in the whole interview? [url="http://www.planethalflife.com/features/interviews/fortressforever/"]Check it out here![/url]

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