GoldenEye: Source - New maps, guns and everything else.

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Golden Eye source posted a new update recently detailing well... everything for their next release.

For all the loyal fans out there, we are alive and have some goodies below! Now before we hear "WHEN ARE THE RELEASE DATES!!!1!?1!?!/" just read the whole post. The mod has taken root again, and alot has been getting done behind the scenes. This mod tends to fly under the radar until MOTY (Mod of the Year) awards. We would like to continue the streak of bieng on the top 10. It seems like we are working as a team once again; and have been like this since Killer Monkey's return to land. Each member has contributed their time and boy, it has been a trip to get here. Heres how the team is broken down:

First off, a special thanks to an old developer; Mark (known as Lodle at, hosting the video and doing alot of work in the background!

Runway made by myself (SharpSh00tah) is completed for the next release. The map was in development for 2+ years. It has been commited and finished. Now I am workin on Streets. If everything goes as planned, the map will be huge!

KillerMonkey has been the life behind the mod. He coded everything from scratch (hence the whole point of the BETA3). Now with the addition of two new coders, and a new modeller, work will be going just that much smoother. Next, YOLT and Deathmatch game modes have been completed and work 100%. Also, many guns have been completed and are ingame including; pp7(s), Klobb, Cougar Mag, DD44, KF7, ZMG, DK5,RCP90, AR33, even the Tazer Boy has emerged! Yes, there is more!

This is just a small sample of the entire news post, to view the entire news post, click Here

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