Half Life 2: Episode One - Today is the Big Day!!

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Well guys, another 4 hours, 34 minutes and 27 seconds left (at the moment I typed this) ! Episode One is about to release! Hardcore fans have a hard time, they're not the only ones though. The whole gamingworld is extremely curious if this was really worth waiting. The eyes of the world are upon Valve and Steam. The countdown has begun. Will this really be that good as expected? Almost every single Half Life fan is excited about it. So am I to be honest. This game has extraordinary previews, screenshots and teaser trailers. As you might have noticed, Valve released 4 trailers within only one single week! Valve's goal was to get the hasitating people on their side. Episode One is the 1st part of the trilogy. So the people who are good in math know there are 2 episodes left to release ;) Valve announced a few weeks ago that the second Episode will be released in the month of December! So you'll have to wait a few months untill you can play it. For now, focus on this very first episode! Rumours are spread about the new features of the physics and characters which you can play with. So there's the rumour you can play as Alyx instead of Gordon Freeman, the well known hero of Half Life. Now stop biting your nails, and check out how many hours, minutes and seconds are left untill the release of this probably outstanding game, by clicking here! For those who pre-ordered and pre-loaded Episode One,.. Have Fun, and good luck! Regards, - Drowned
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