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Hey everyone, At first, I wanted to say that ([i]and I am sure some people have seen it already[/i]) I am changing the HL2Files Gaming Servers Documents. At first, all our Gaming Servers were added within one document, which was rather lousy done.. and heck, I even created the pages myself. There for, I've spend some time in redesigning the pages and it looks much better now.
Example Pages: Gaming Server Page <----> Fortress Forever Server Page
You can also view our gaming servers through the menu on every gaming server page. It's not completely done yet, but most things are finished. All I have to do is to adjust some text and banners on some pages. Once everything is done, I'll be posting it on the front page of hl2files.com Also. I'd like to remind everyone once again about the The Headcrab Hub. I know quite a lot of peolpe have seen this news already a few times on this website, but please do give headcrabhub a try. It's an awesome forum which could use a lot of new members. I know that quite of you may already have joined a forum, but if you read this.. Please do register and or at least check the forums out. Talk about problems, steam, modifications and so on! I'm sure you'll even enjoy it there. For those who don't know about it yet, The Headcrab Hub is a Half-Life & Valve Game Discussion Community (also non-valve if you go to the main of headcrabhub)) which used to be the popular forums named ValveForums long time ago. After quite some time, it has been revived with a new name and with a new fancy good look! The Community itself just has been created, but already has quite a few members. It's recommended for all of you to check the new forums out! It's quite easy to register. All you have to do is Click Here to get to the register page. From there, accept the rules, create an account and you can start posting! To let you all people know, you can easily go to the forums by going to http://headcrabhub.com which is pretty easy for you guys to remember. The Headcrab Hud is the place to discuss everything about the Half-Life Series, Counter-Strike series, Day of Defeat series.. And of course let's not forget the modifications as well, so go check out the The Headcrab Hub and Register on the forums!
Be part of a great Community!

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