Half-Life 2 Files :: In Need of Staff Once Again!

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Hey everyone, HL2Files still needs more staff for posting files and news. For many people, the vacation is almost in front of your door. But of course it is possible a lot of people already have their vacation right now. Are you a person that has a lot of free time on their hands? Then please do join HL2Files to help us posting more Files & News. Interested and wondering what exactly you have to do? Then read below: File Poster Without the hard work of file posters, Files Network sites such as HL2Files, would be just like all the other Half-Life 2 sites on the internet. We're always in need of capable people to fill this role and keep the site growing with the largest collection of new and old files for Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and the mods of each. Until Half-Life 2 or the HL2 editing tools are released, file posters will mostly be adding the wealth of Half-Life files & Half-Life mod files that exist. Duties - Download files sent in by file scouts or submitted by users. - Scan all files for viruses. - Upload files to the Half-LifeFiles & HL2Files.com ftp servers. - Add file to the website, write a description of the file. - Add screenshots of the file in action. - Check the file info page of the posted file for any errors. A basic knowledge of HTML is helpful but not required to apply for this job. However, a broadband internet connection is mandatory, preferably without a cap on the upload speed. It's also required that you are able to use the English language moderately well to write the descriptions of each file (or at least have a reliable spell check program). You don't have to be an Oxford graduate, we just want you able to write a description that makes sense and is spelled correctly. If you choose to apply for file poster, remember that your e-mail will act as an example of your spelling and punctuation. News Hound As a news hound your primary goal is to go frothing and wild-eyed into the world wide web and ring it for all the news possible. This is another job that is very time intensive as you'll be visiting news sites, mod sites, gaming sites, forums, IRC channels and so on looking for news to post every day. Duties - Locate news through various forms of media such as websites, IRC channels, forums, e-mail, or magazines. You do not have to have any magazine subscriptions to apply of course (just helps when looking for additional news). - When a news item is found, add it to the appropriate website, either HLFiles or HL2Files, along with your own comments on the piece. - Add any relevant images to the article. - Make sure there are no errors, broken links, spelling mistakes, etc. in your own comments. Leave quoted material just as it was written. Every visitor to the site wants as much up-to-date news as possible, therefore news hounds have to be active. Broadband is recommended for all the surfing and idling a news hound ends up doing, but it isn't a mandatory condition for applying. In fact, one of the best Files Network news hounds is a dialup user, so 56k'ers are welcome. You must possess solid English skills when it comes to grammar and spelling, no one wants to stumble through an article full of misspelled words and indecipherable sentences. Your e-mail application will demonstrate your competence in that area. Do remember that HL2Files doesn't need any comment / forum moderators at the moment. Still interested? Email me at [email protected] with the subject "HL2Files Job Application". Or fill in this Volunteer Form. And please do remember that being active is really important. This is not a one day / or a few weeks job only. Thanks! Regards, Skyrider

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