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16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey everyone, It took me quite some time in finishing this, but it has been finally completed. I am very sure that many of you knew that Half-Life 2 Files had gaming servers, but never could find any information about them. Well, this will no longer be an issue. I've increased and improved the server information document pages, so everyone can see what server is running what modification, how many players are on them, what map it is running, and of course a click able link to join the server. It may be possible some of the banners that some servers has are wrong, but I'm afraid GameTracker doesn't has the modifications / game banners available. Also, I'd like to thank GameTracker, GameSYN and of course the Server Providers that kindly sponsored the servers for HL2Files.com. Click here to view all the servers. And for those who are lazy, Here is the Game Server Information buttons below. • Half-Life 1 Gaming Servers -> Earth's Special Forces #1 -> Earth's Special Forces #2 -> Sven Co-op RPG • Half-Life 2 Gaming Servers -> Fortress Forever -> Half-Life 2: DeathMatch -> Counter-Strike: Source -> Team Fortress 2 -> Hidden: Source • Game Servers from Friends -> Zombie Panic RPG (ClanAA.com)

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