Half-Life 2 Files :: Public Relation & File Scout Staff Needed!

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Hey everyone, I'll keep it short. Half-Life 2 Files (HL2Files) is in need of one or a few PR ([i]Public Relations[/i]) staff and a few File Searchers: File Scout One of the most important jobs at HL2Files is the file scout. A scout's main objective is to scour the internet for any and all files that we don't already have hosted on the site then send that to the file posters for adding. Duties:
  • Locate files by watching forums, news and mod sites, searching the internet, keeping an eye on IRC channels, etc.
  • When a file is found, contact the developer (person who made the file) and request his/her permission for us to host the file.
  • Once permission is given, send the file to either [email protected] or [email protected], depending on which game the file relates to, so the file posters can then add it to the site.
A broadband connection is strongly recommended for all the downloading and sending of files. Users on dialup can apply if they like and direct file posters to file links instead of sending files manually. Also recommended is a decent command of the English language, mainly for when you e-mail developers about hosting permission. Public Relations Guru PR Gurus are responsible for spreading the word about Half-LifeFiles & HL2Files.com as well as building relationships in the community, with mods, fan sites, news sites, and even the folks at VALVe. How is this accomplished? Mostly just by chatting on IRC channels and instant messaging programs, posting in forums, and corresponding through e-mail. While this sounds cushy enough, it does take up a lot of time to do properly. Duties:
  • Establish relationships in the Half-Life & Half-Life 2 communities, VALVe, and with related sites across the internet.
  • Contact websites about link / button / banner exchanges.
  • Chat on various IRC channels related to HL & HL2, post in forums of mods, fan sites, news sites and so on, maintain ties via e-mail or instant messaging.
A dialup connection is fine for this position, the only real requirements are that you have enough available time to "hobnob" with the community and that you can communicate effectively and present yourself professionally. A charming personality helps too. :naughty: Interested? Then please do Fill in this Volunteer Form! Help HL2Files out! :)

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