Half Life 2 Files Requires Staff!

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Published by Ripper20 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Do you have the talent to become one of our staff members? If so, we have two job openings available at the moment, these are: [quote] [b]News Hound[/b] As a news hound your primary goal is to go frothing and wild-eyed into the world wide web and ring it for all the news possible. This is another job that is very time intensive as you'll be visiting news sites, mod sites, gaming sites, forums, IRC channels and so on looking for news to post every day. You can apply to do Half-Life news, Half-Life 2 news, or both. [b]Duties[/b] * Locate news through various forms of media such as websites, IRC channels, forums, e-mail, or magazines. You do not have to have any magazine subscriptions to apply of course (just helps when looking for additional news). * When a news item is found, add it to the appropriate website. Along with your own comments on the piece. * Add any relevant images to the article. * Make sure there are no errors, broken links, spelling mistakes, etc. in your own comments. Leave quoted material just as it was written. Every visitor to the site wants as much up-to-date news as possible, therefore news hounds have to be active. Broadband is recommended for all the surfing and idling a news hound ends up doing, but it isn't a mandatory condition for applying. In fact, one of the best Files Network news hounds is a dial up user, so 56k'ers are welcome. You must possess solid English skills when it comes to grammar and spelling, no one wants to stumble through an article full of misspelled words and indecipherable sentences. Your e-mail application will demonstrate your competence in that area. [b]File Poster[/b] As a file poster you must find files that are up to date and that we do not have yet and must post them with proper grammar and spelling and try to be as descriptive as possible e.g. comment on the features of the file "the hidden teleporters in this map are nice touch" and also comment on the textures, design and other features of the file. [b]Duties[/b] * Locate files through websites, discs, e-mail and other assorted sources. * When a file is found add it to the appropriate website and with your own opinion on the file. * Add any appropriate screenshots to the file, if they are not there the file poster must take them themselves. Be sure that the files are relatively up to date, no one wants to see a file on this site that has been around for ages! [/quote] Before you apply for any of these jobs you must have an acceptable standard of English and you [b]must[/b] be active! any people who apply and dissapear without reason will be removed from the staff list. If you feel that you meet all of these requirements please send us an application through our very own [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/info/volunteer"]Application Form.[/url] We look forward to your applications!
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