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Since anyone can submit files now through the user file submission page, there are a few rules I'd like to talk to you guys about. These rules applies to people who are going to and or have already submitted a file to HL2Files. Trust me, submitting files yourself to hl2files is way quicker then us uploading the files because you are already doing most of the work by filling out the needed information. How ever, please read this: I, I've, I have, etc Don't use any kind of "I", "I've", "I have", etc in a description. The file itself is I'm afraid not about your personal thoughts. The file is about to being added as a mirror for people to download, with a description related to the file. Of course, lines such as: - This file is great to play! - This file is recommended. Are allowed.. But lines / description such as: - I don't know about this map. - I don't really like this mod. - I've seen better maps than this one. Is something that is not needed, also because of the bad comment being made, and also of the I / I've / I have, etc being added. Got a personal comment? Make a comment about it. Description, Screenshots, Developer, Rating, File Name & Website - [b]Description[/b]: A file [b]always[/b] needs a good description. Any description is fine, as long it is creative, and related to the file. Not something like [i]"This is an awesome file, go play![/i]". The description should be related to the file. Of course, you are fully allowed to use the description if the creator of the file provides it within the submission email and or the readme file. - Screenshots Got a file without any screenshots? File will be rejected! People are wanting to see screenshots with the file, so I'm afraid we have to reject the files unless you provide us screenshots through email or you'll add them yourself. You may of course create the screenshots yourself if you wish. But, if you have a lot of files to add, it may be wise to skip the file, email the person and add the other files. Please remember that the screenshot rule does not apply to media files or video files or any kind of file where a screenshot is just not possible. - [b]Developer[/b] Please always fill in the developer information. If one of your files or a file you are about to set is on [b]Unknown / Anonymous[/b], please change this in to the rightful name. Unsure about things or who to add? Email the developer / creator about it. - File Name When adding files, make sure it uses the correct file name. For example, a map called run2forts for half-Life 2 Single Player should be named: Half-Life 2: SP run2forts Map, if it is a Multiplayer map, it should be named Half-Life 2: MP run2forts Map, and so on. If it is a player model, player skin, make sure you add the Player Model / Player skin e.g (Half-Life 2: run2forts Player Model) on the end. Unsure about things? Add the file, and email me about it at [email][email protected][/email] - Website Please always fill in the website when you add a file for modifications. This is not required for other files such as sounds, maps, and models. You can find the website box when you are adding a file at the bottom. I hope this is to make some things clear ;).
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