Half-Life 2 Mappack Volume #1 Released!

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Published by Azzkiker 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The HL2Files.com mappack Volume 1 contains 50 of the latest Half-Life 2 custom maps. Most of these maps are HL2: Deathmatch compatible with a few being Singleplayer maps. This mappack was compiled to save you from downloading each and every map seperately. Please note that some maps are still in their alpha or beta stage and are work-in-progress. The included maps are: 3rooms, alyx_basketball-b2, barney_gulch, bounce, buildingblocks_b1, buildingblocks_b2, cf_mechwars, cityseventeen_com, convex, crossfire2, db_bunker, discarded_garage, discarded_garage_V2, dm_abandoned_factory, dm_arene_kn, dm_assault, dm_backyard, dm_crossfire, dm_crossfire2_b2, dm_datacore_b1, dm_deathbox7b, dm_dustforce, dm_killbox_beta3, dm_rally_b1a, dm_rally_b2, dm_reactor, dm_unrealstation_B1, domino_effect, e3_c17_01, fall, fy_iceworld, fy_race, highway, hl2_lobby2, hl2dm_arena, hl2dm_petrol, killbox2, nm_motel_dm, playground, prison_grav, rocked_arena, sdk_vehicles, sdk_vehicles_b, station, taz_barrel_launcher, temple2, templev1, xenon_engage, xenon_roofrumblev2, zombies. Grab it here: http://www.hl2files.com/file/;33929 Please spread the word! :-) ~azzkiker [email protected] HL2Files.com Founder/Site Admin [email protected] FilesNetwork.com Network Admin & Hosted Sites Manager [email protected] GamingForums.com Super Moderator
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