Half-Life 2 on Xbox 360?

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Ok, I know that some people weren't happy about HL2 coing to the PS3, so here's something for all you Xbox fanboys. :p [quote] IGN » Games » Xbox 360 » News Half-Life 2 [rumor] (X360)Blogs Boards Guide FAQs Cheats Reviews Previews News Features Half-Life 2 on X360? Retailers report Valve is bringing the PC and Xbox game to Xbox 360. by Douglass C. Perry May 26, 2006 - Despite a 2005 release on Xbox and qualified arguments against bringing Half-Life 2 to Xbox 360, Valve is apparently bringing its award-winning first-person shooter, Half-Life 2, to Xbox 360 in early 2007, according to two retail stores. EBGames.com and Gamestop.com posted that Half-Life 2 is slated to release on Xbox 360 in February 2007 for $59.99. Both sites posted old details, which refer only to the single-player game, indicating that the add-on packs and multiplayer maps won't be part of the package. (We're well aware both retailers are part of the same chain, but they often post different information and have different games.) "We've only announced development for 360," said a Valve representative. "No specific titles to reveal just yet, but folks can expect to hear more before the end of this year." Electronic Arts, which distributed the console version on Xbox, told IGN, "EA has not made any announcements regarding Half-Life 2 on next-generation systems." At E3 2006, online rumors indicated that Valve is bringing Half-Life 2 to PlayStation 3. We'll have more on Half-Life 2 for Xbox 360 soon. [/quote]

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