Half-Life 2 Pirated Warez Version Info

By Azzkiker 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey HL2 Gamers! Recently, one of the HL2Files.com members here, alerted me of a pirated warez version of Half-Life 2, apparently released via the Bittorent network. I immediately, forwarded this to Gabe Newell of VALVe Software. [The great man, we should all be thanking for Half-Life 2 :D ]. A couple of hours later, Gabe replied with the following: [quote]We're running a bit of an experiment. We're keeping track of the accounts that do this and will be shutting them off.[/quote] So, as you can see, VALVe Software have released a test "warez" version aimed at catching people out. These people will have their accounts deleted and will be banned from Steam. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you [b]DO NOT[/b] participate in these illegal activities as it would only lead to your own harm. VALVe Software spent over $40 Million to develop Half-Life 2. Show them you appreciate their work. Buy the game! :) As the saying goes: [b]BURN YOU WAREZ MONKEYS![/b] :lol: Spread the word! Happy Gaming, ~azzkiker [email protected] HL2Files.com Site Admin Note: "Warez" refers to the illegal pirating of software such as games and applications for distribution on the Internet. Other Links: [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/HalfLife_2_Retail_Multiplayer_Test_Maps;33049"]Half-Life 2 Mutiplayer Works![/url]

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