Half-Life 2 Realms of Valhallon Mod DB Interview

By 2GOOD 19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Mod DB was kind enough to share with us an interview they had with Realms of Valhallon, it can be located here: http://features.moddb.com/173/ more information can be viewed below [quote] How can a new MMORPG developer beat World of Warcraft? Gabe Newell might have his ideas, but LA-based Ruccus Productions have some too. While most developers might be content to merely keep a watchful eye on the mod community, Ruccus are getting their hands dirty and introducing their radically different Realms of Valhallon franchise by building one themselves. Mods are changing - and it starts right here, right now. ModDB has the scoop, head here for a good read: http://features.moddb.com/173/ [/quote]

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