Half-Life 2 Resistance and Liberation Live Interview Announced

By 2GOOD 18 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Resistance and Liberation have scheduled a question and answer session with you and their mod team, you can ask the question's you like and hopefully get an answer; the time's and location are stated below [quote] After another short hiatus, AmpedDX has teamed up with Resistance and Liberation to provide the newest Weekly Live IRC Developer Chat for all to enjoy. The chat is scheduled for Saturday, January 14th, at 8pm EST in the #ampeddx IRC channel on GameSurge. If you do not wish to download an IRC program such as mIRC, but would still like to join in on the fun, you can join us via the online browser version here. If you would like to have your mod featured in an IRC developer chat, please contact -=Elvis=-. As with all of our past Weekly Live IRC Developer Chats in the past, we invite all members of the HL2 Community and anyone else interested in Resistance and Liberation to drop in, ask a few questions, and take part in the fun. To keep an eye on Resistance and Liberation, visit their official site, and as always, keep that browser locked to AmpedDX, you never know who will drop into the hot seat of the Weekly Live IRC Dev Chat next! [/quote]

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