HL2DB Half-Life 2 Half-Time Show

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The following was sent to me by the [url="http://www.moddb.com/"]ModDB[/url] staff. [url="http://www.hl2db.com/"]Half-Life 2 Database[/url] (BlueWolf72) along with CubicVirtuoso & Defi from [url="http://www.gamesurgeradio.net/"]GameSurgeRadio[/url] are proud to present the HL2DB Half-Life 2 Half-Time Show:[quote]CubicVirtuoso & Defi from GameSurgeRadio along with BlueWolf72 will be doing a Half-Life 2 Radio show! Be sure to tune and check it out. HL2DB Half-Life 2 Half-Time Show 01/05/05 9pm CST [url="http://www.gamesurgeradio.net/"]http://www.gamesurgeradio.net/[/url] We will be ranting about Half-Life2 and the latest version of the Strider mod ([url="http://www.thequartz.com/StriderMod/"]http://www.thequartz.com/StriderMod/[/url]) Play some music then to top it off we will pimp the top 3 custom maps that just rock: Maps dm_steelball_v2 [url="http://willy_frank.bei.t-online.de/dm_steelball_v2.zip"]http://willy_frank.bei.t-online.de/dm_steelball_v2.zip[/url] freeway_to_c17 [url="http://www.eliabramovich.com/freeway_to_c17.zip"]http://www.eliabramovich.com/freeway_to_c17.zip[/url] keved_hl2_dm01_beta1 [url="http://www.keved.com/keved_hl2_dm01_beta1.zip"]http://www.keved.com/keved_hl2_dm01_beta1.zip[/url][/quote]Check [url="http://www.hl2db.com/"]Half-Life 2 Database[/url] for more. [b]Admin's Edit:[/b] 2 corrections need to be made. 1) The new "Strider Mod's" homepage is actually http://strider.hl2spain.com and not as above. Therefore, the latest version is 0.2.5 and not 0.1. [ Download here: http://www.hl2files.com/file/;35225 ] 2) The map DM_Steelball is now at V3 with many bug fixes and improvements and not V2. [ Download here: http://www.hl2files.com/file/;35315 ]
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