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Published by Azzkiker 16 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Sven Co-op, a Half-Life (2) Modification This interview is posted a ‘little’ late and I am deeply sorry for this! Anyways, lets get to those questions! :D InSaNeO: Thanks for doing this interview with HL2Files.com we greatly appreciate it! Can you tell us a little bit of the new things we can expect from SC 3.0? Sven Viking: Well, firstly, there are a LOT of them. There are currently over two hundred items on the changelog (this only includes changes made/features added/bugs fixed since the last release, version 2.1). A few of the larger features are: New weapons, new monsters, new maps, greatly improved AI, "MADWHACK Physics", per-entity sound replacement and other features for map-makers, new and improved player model animations, tons of tweaks and bug fixes. Global cameras make in-game cut-scenes possible, and all player-allied monsters will now follow players about when used. The full changelog will be posted on SvenCoop.com shortly before 3.0 is released. InSaNeO: For the HL2 version of the mod, will you be implementing vehicles? If so, what kind of ideas do you guys have in mind? Sven Viking: Yup, we're hoping vehicles will be able to play a major part in many maps. InSaNeO: What new Gamemodes will be in 3.0? Sven Viking: Sven Co-op doesn't have specific game modes... we attempt to allow map makers to devise their own type of (co-operative) gameplay for their maps. There are maps where you defend a single position from a constant stream of enemies, maps where players gain experience and level-ups by killing monsters, traditional maps where players progress through a linear story, etc. In Sandstone, for example, players take on the role of a task force sent to destroy caches of chemical weapons in a middle-eastern country. The map layout is slightly different each time you play, objectives can be completed in any order, parts can be collected and used to assemble the M134 Minigun, etc. InSaNeO: Will you guys be adding a class system some time in the next few releases? Or just keep it the standard way? Sven Viking: Not in Sven Co-op for HL1. InSaNeO: How well Is Sven Co Op Working with Steam? Will there be Steam support in 3.0? Sven Viking: Sven Co-op v2.1 crashes when you attempt to load it in Steam, though there are some temporary work-arounds. Sven Co-op v3.0 has full Steam support, and Valve has said it will be made an official Steam mod (along with CS, DoD, etc.) once they have some Steam stability issues sorted out. InSaNeO: What are some of the New Creatures in 3.0? Or what current ones have you *upgraded*? Sven Viking: New creatures in 3.0 are the Voltigore, Baby Voltigore, OpFor/Medic/SAW/Torch grunts, cleansuit scientist, and the Black Ops Osprey. There are player-allied versions of each of these, who (except for the Osprey) can follow you around and carry out orders. The main upgraded creatures are the Heavy Weapons Grunt (he can run, uses animation blending, drops his Minigun on death, etc.), the Shocktrooper (uses spore grenades now), and the Alien Slave (revives its fallen comrades). There are many improvements that apply to all enemies, though, such as pathfinding improvements, the ability to jump from low ledges, knowing to run away from melee monsters (e.g. zombies)... Intelligent creatures can make use of controllable turrets dynamically, human enemies are really good at dodging grenades and rockets, etc. InSaNeO: Is Sven Coop Looking for Any Kind of Help? Sven Viking: Not currently, though map designers are always welcome to create and submit new maps. InSaNeO: Will there be Single Player in this mod? Ever? Sven Viking: There is now, with Cheeseh's RCBot. Now you can battle alien hordes with a couple of AI buddies backing you up :). InSaNeO: What special features are YOU looking forward to? Sven Viking: Lots. Hmm... I guess I'm largely looking forward to mappers making use of the improved replacement technology... mostly global and per-entity sound replacement. There are already a heap of replacement monsters available in Monster Pack Showcase, it'll be interesting to see those and others being used in maps. Players will never know what enemies to expect when playing a new map :). I'm also looking forward to maps in which the Barnacle Grapple plays a major role. Areas where one player can boost another player onto a ledge, then grapple up to him... or one player needs to lower another player into a deep cavern. A section where tricky maneuvers are necessary to swing past a lava pool or the like, making it advantageous for players with low pings to actually carry players with high pings across (high-ping player grapples onto low-ping player before he swings away). That sort of thing. InSaNeO: Going back a ways, What made you want to start this mod? Did you like the idea of Cooperative Gameplay? Sven Viking: I've always liked the idea of co-operative gameplay, from Quake1 co-op back to games like Bubble Bobble. Co-op support was planned for Half-Life at a couple of stages, but didn't make it into the final game, and I thought I'd see whether I could get it working... Originally Sven Co-op was only intended to be a co-operative mission pack, then people started asking to help, and the project just kept expanding. InSaNeO: What stands out in 3.0 that doesn't in the previous releases? Sven Viking: I think "MADWHACK physics" (monsters are sent flying by explosions/shotgun blasts/etc., corpses align to the ground and float in water, dropped weapons bounce and slide down slopes, etc.) is probably the most immediately obvious... and the new monsters and weapons, of course. There are tons of subtle changes that players will appreciate, though, even if they don't always consciously notice them. I expect a lot of players will still be noticing small changes for the first time, months after the release :). InSaNeO: What Feature of 3.0 Do you think will please the Public the most? Sven Viking: It's a toss-up between the Uzis reloading faster, and the ability to basically play volleyball/etc. using the new weapon-dropping physics system :). One of the beta testers has already made a volleyball map. I expect a lot of people will enjoy being able to essentially ride about on monster's backs, too... I expect someone will make a map in which players need to get across a canyon by riding on an Alien Controller, or similar :). InSaNeO: Do you think possibly Sven Co Op will go Retail when Hl2 Releases, Valve has mentioned that a mod has very good chance of going retail then they did in the first Half-Life? Sven Viking: We're not talking about this just yet. Thank You for Your Time Sven Viking! All of us here at HL2files.com look forward to playing Version 3.0 of your mod and wish you lots of luck with the HL1 and HL2 versions!
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