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17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Once again, HL2Files is looking for [u][b]active[/b][/u] and [u][b]dedicated[/u][/b] people to join the HL2files Team. Many people that were chosen to be part of HL2Files mostly never put any time in HL2Files and went inactive. That's why I'm setting up some rules this time if you are wanting to join the team, here they are as followed: [*] Only join the HL2Files team [u][b]IF[/u][/b] you have time to dedicate to the HL2Files website. [*] You are required to have a perfect English Grammar. You just have to type English perfectly. [*] If you will be inactive for over 5 days without notifying me about it. I'll remove you from access without warning. Why i am doing this? Because I'm getting rather tired of adding / removing people all the time. I hope you people do understand this. Oh, Also wanted to let you know I won't add any comment moderators at the moment. If you are wanting to become an [u]active[/u] staff of HL2Files.com, then email me at Skyrider@HL2Files with exactly what you are wanting to do, your age, how long you have been on HL2Files, if you have worked on any network sites before, how your English is, and other things you might want to say. Regards, Skyrider (Site Administrator @ HL2Files.com)

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