Interview - With Blood Scorch's Modleader + New Media!

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Interviewer: Martijn Boers, a.k.a Drowned, a.k.a Drowned Fish Interview with Angus Micucci a.k.a. Gus, head admin and modleader of the mod: Blood Scorch Hi Gus, I really appreciate it you have time for this interview. I'd like to ask you a few questions about your idea of this mod, and what made you choose this subject for the mod. 1.) Can you introduce and tell a little bit about yourself? - Alrighty, My name is Angus Micucci and i've been a gamer since i could crap on a toilet. I'm a high school student setting himself up for a future either in proffesional acting or the gaming industry. I love my gaming and the ladies, I enjoy watching shows like South Park and Family guy. 2. ) Can you tell a little bit about your mod? - The mod is my first full blown mod but i've been in the modding industry for awhile, a couple of low key CSS mods and some previous Modules for NWN, Blood Scorch had a different concept at first but we changed the mod to suit our time frame, Blood Scorch is a modern warfare mod based on the war on terror, this isn't a Counter Strike copy but more of a game of what counter stike could of been, an Infantry based game with tactics and large maps with a variety of weapons and forms of assault or defense. 3.) You always wanted to start a mod for a certian Source game? - Making a mod is always fun, ofcourse... As long as you can get a decent developement team along side you that you can trust and work well with. 4.) When you exacly had the idea to make a mod for Half Life 2 and not for an other Source game? What is so special about Half Life 2? - Ahhh Guess ;) , Half-Life 2 Valve have a brilliant engine in their hands and have supplied their Fans with a respectably decent SDK. 5.) Why did you chose terrorism as subject for the mod? - Well,blunt answer... " It's the thing these days ", like a fashion... just not sexy underwear. 6.) I heard some rumours about someone who wanted to leave the mod team, what is exactly true about that? - Yeah someone left, was a skinner but all developement teams get that, someone always leaves for a reason whether its a dispute, family issue or just a plain idiot that had to be rid of. 7.) How many members the team has at the moment? - At this moment, 10-15 its hard to tell we trial alot of people etc, the solid team list is on the website. 8.) Does the team work with deadlines or are they free to model when they want? - I like being a nice mod leader ;) deadlines are a bit iffy but if they are required to people I see who are slacking off, yes deadlines will be issued. 9.) Are you still recruiting for your mod? - Always, the more the merry ( er ), but eventually we'll hit a time where we have a big team ;) . 10.) Do you think the mod will be a succes? - Finishing a mod in general is a success, mods a bitch to run when you have a life, but hopefully with our witty ideas the mod should be a success ;) 11.) Are there any unique features in the mod, that other mods don't have? - Now i'm going to do something different, with my mod i'm not actually giving out ALL the details because I want it to be a bit more surprising ;), plenty of mods release EVERY single detail that comes into their heads, the unique things about this mod would be some of the weapons, realism and large maps. The disappointment of CSS is that a good game / weapons and tactics, but no one uses them... Just Small 2 way death match styled maps in a team based game. 12.) Do you have some spectacular ideas in mind for the mod? - Bah, Question 11 revisited.. 13.) Are you planning more media updates? - Of course, more and a new one coming up soon. 14.) When do you expect the release? - Release, depends... Last week has been a bit padantic for me and some members, but let's say 4-6 months. Maybe much more early if I introduce slave labour ;). 15.) Ok and my final question,.. Do you have any tips for people who want to start a mod, but they don't know how. ? - Starting a mod, it's hard at first because theres alot of false hope in you if you're a new person to modding and specially leading a mod, it's just the average 12 year old gamer that will put you down, you get that... don't let it put you down. And don't involve any retards in your mod, only those you can trust and are hard working, slackers are usualy a bitch and when they get that bad result of a kick up the bottom they like to bite back and make it their life goal to ruin the development of the mod. Average mod leader might or might not go through this but some tips from me. Ok Gus, thank you very much for your time, and good luck with your mod! - Thanks for the interview, I like talking with people about these topics ;), Please try me again in a month or 2. Angus Micucci.

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