Interview with Gabe Newell

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Published by wrathofgod 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
The folks over at CVG have a new interview with Gabe Newell discussing new technologies for Episode 2 and bit of information on Episode 3. [quote] And the G-Man plays a bigger role in Episode Two, doesn't he? Gabe Newell: Yes. The overall progression of the three episodes is that the G-Man is losing control of you. In Half-Life he made you; in Half-Life 2, he used you for his own purposes, which are still mysterious to you; and now he's starting to lose control. At the same point that he's losing control, you've come to the attention of other forces - the Combine hierarchy is now saying, "We thought that Earth was under our thumb, and this one person is being such a pain in the ass for us. So we're going to have to pay more attention to this person." So, although you have more freedom from the G-Man, other forces will come to bear on you. So you know what is going to happen in episode three? Gabe Newell: Yes, we know what happens after this episode; there's a fairly large chronology. Things tend to vary more in the specific details of the minor characters, so as we're working through the issues in an episode, we discover stuff about the characters regarding what is and isn't working. For example, Dog is getting much more of a role than we had originally envisioned for him.[/quote] To read the rest of the interview, head on over to [url=""]CVG[/url] and check it out!
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