Interview with Garry Newman (Creator of Garry's Mod!)

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Employees of ModDB asked Garry Newman for an interview, this is the result. [quote]Mod of the Year might seem like a monumental achievement for any normal mod team. Yet when it is taken in the context of the steamrolling popularity of Garry’s Mod, it seems almost a given. What else could have won? No other mod has inspired so many and no other mod has thrown the rulebook out with quite so much force. Garry’s Mod has the grassroots support of an enormous player base, and for that matter the support (albeit sometimes indirectly) of leading industry figures too. And yet it has all been achieved by one man, Garry Newman, who should have been working on something else anyway. If there is one thing talking to Garry tells you, it is that he doesn’t have any grand plan that will corner the market. He didn’t sit down and think about design theory, risk/reward schedules or any of the usual development fluff; he sat down and made what he thought would be a laugh. In the end, a heck of a lot of people got the joke. Garry’s Mod began as a simple tool of curiosity, to rope two objects together – a Manhack and a bed frame at first – and has since snowballed into an all-purpose physics, and to some extent shader toolkit. For the greater part of its history Garry’s Mod has stayed true to this toolkit philosophy. Players, if you could call them that, had a collection of devices with which to make their own fun. Weld objects together, create and pose rag doll characters, spawn various types and sizes of wheels at whim, add thrusters and send objects skittering across the map…far too many options to list. It wasn’t until version nine that the mod evolved past its original design with the groundbreaking addition of Lua, the impact of which can hardly be understated. The snowball is still rolling, but now it is gathering not the C++ of the Source engine but the lightweight scripts of Lua, written by anyone who cares to sit down for long enough to learn a few keywords.[/quote] The rest of the interview / article can be read here: http://features.moddb.com/227/Changing-the-Game/

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