Interview with Modleader of : Flamshmizer's Russian Pack !

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Today I interviewed Flamshmizer about his mod for Day of Defeat Source: [b]Exclusive interview for Half Life2files.com.[/b] With Russell Knipe a.k.a. Flamshmizer. Interviewer: Drowned Date: 5-27-06 [u]Note: This is a very exclusive interview, it cannot be copied without the permission of the interviewer and/or the interviewed person.[/u] Russell, 1st of all I want to thank you for taking time for this interview. I really appreciate it. When I heard you saying you started a mod for Day of Defeat Source, I was a little suprised actually. Most mods for the Source engine are for Half Life 2 or Counter Strike Source,..So my 1st question is: [b]1.) Why did you wanted to start a mod for DoD: Source, and not for CSS or HL2?[/b] Because I find myself playing DODS a lot more than the other games. CSS is far to linear to work with, and Single player modding is to complex for someone like myself. I just wanted a simple weapon replacement mod to fill me over until someone starts up something revolutionary. [b]2.)Now, also very important.. Tell us something about yourself, like your age, the place you live and how you got into the modding community.[/b] Well, I’m Russell Knipe, I’m 16 years old, I live in Australia, in a medium sized city called Toowoomba. I got into the modding community a fair few months ago when I started visiting FPSBanana, formerly CSBanana. I read all this hype about the “Clan Of The Dead Goat” so after a long time of hearing about it, I decided to visit it. My internet maturity has grown astronomically since then. [b]3.) A Russian Weapon Pack,.. Why not an English Pack?[/b] I’ve always had a soft spot for Russians. After hearing their magnificent efforts in WW2, halting the germans on the eastern front, I’ve really appreciated their value to the Allied campaign. I’ve also heard so many stories and saying about the Russians, one of my favourite is “Russians. Kindest people in the world. They’ll give you anything they can, even if they have to steal it to give it to you.” [b]4.) Do you work alone on your mod or do you have some teammembers aswell?[/b] Well at the moment it’s a very laid back mod. Its really me requesting a few model here and there with some people aiding in skinning, but right now, we don’t have enough models to really recruit enough people. Its only replacing a dozen or so weapons anyway, I’ve no need to get carried away. [b]5.) Do you need more/new teammembers for your mod? Should people contact you if they want to join your mod?[/b] Certainly. Anyone who wishes to join can email me at [email protected] or add me to MSN under the same contact. I am looking for anyone, modellers, skinners, animators, UVMappers, anyone. [b]6.) What other features will this mod have?[/b] Not many in all honesty. Its basically an attempt to replace all the weapon models and skins, so a player can play online as the Russian army. If time and staff permits, we will do flag reskins, and tanks and other such addons that make it more genuine. We will be including Russian hats though, that’s for sure. With little red stars on the front. [b]7.) What if people don't play your mod very often, are you gonna change the whole subject in the next version of it ( if there will be a next version)?[/b] Not really. Its just for fun, if people don’t like it, I don’t mind really. If someone only uses one weapon out of the whole pack I’ll be happy still. Its just about getting stuff to the public so we can all have fun. [b]8.) What weapons will be included with the mod? We know you've skinned the PPsH-41 already, but we want some specific info![/b] Alright, this is our current weapons and replacements list: Colt 1911 – Tokarev TT 33 (Modelled by Hav0c [still need permission] skinned by me) Thompson M1a1 – PPSH 41 (modelled by Dav0r [still need permission] skinned by me) M1 Garand – SKS rifle. Unsure about modeller and skinner at this time. Springfield – Mosin Nagant (Model in progress by twinke masta, skin by a volunteer from the team) And the rest are still to be finalised. Thoughts are an SVT-40 for M1 Carbine. [b]9.) Is it your goal to recreate a game like Red Orchestra or is it just coincidence you started this pack after the release of Red Orchestra?[/b] Its just a coincidence. I’ve never played Red Orchestra. I just wanted a new experience for DODS, as I’ve been told a lot of the media in Red Orchestra is very high quality. [b]10.) What if CSS and Half Life 2 gamers will be disappointed this mod isn't for 'their' games, are you going to make versions for those games aswell if everything will work out as you planned?[/b] I hadn’t thought of expanding in that manner, as it would be very hard to replace the weapons in CSS and Half Life 2 with WW2 Russian weapons. If it is requested, we could work towards it I suppose. [b]11.) When do you expect this weapon pack will be finished? [/b] This pack is strictly on the deadline of “Done when its finished” I can’t stress enough that I don’t want to pressure people in this pack. As I’ve stated, its just some fun content for DODS that a group of fellow customisers at Clan Of The Dead Goat and myself are doing. Russell, thank you very much for this interview, I hope we hear alot of you in the future. Good luck! - Below you can see the PPsH-41 for this mod-

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