Interview with Valve's Marc Laidlaw

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A new interview has been added to the [url="http://www.computerandvideogames.com"]CVG[/url] website. This time it's with Valve's plot man, Marc Laidlaw. [quote] [b]So where did the character of Gordon Freeman come from?[/b] Marc Laidlaw: The character of Gordon Freeman? Well, ultimately he was just a name. There was this character that you played who was this eyepiece looking into this universe, a motive force that enables you to move through it. We just wanted to create somebody who didn't get in the way of the player exploring on their own yet feeling like they had a specific role - never quite sure that they were playing it right, but having it as part of the whole experience... [b]How did the G-Man come about, then?[/b] Marc Laidlaw: I remember Ken Birdwell came into my office and he'd been thinking about all the The guy who puts story in front of the crowbar different functionaries you'd have in an institution like Black Mesa. You have your scientists and their administrators - the tax guys, the government guys who are checking over the books and representing some other interest - and you're not quite sure who they are. The original concept was born from that and we developed from there. 'What does he do?' 'Well, he's not actually a combat character.' 'So what happens when you shoot him?' 'Well, it turns out you actually can't kill the guy.' 'So what does that mean about him'?...[/quote] [url="http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=152674"]Head on over[/url] to read the rest. Good read!

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