Iron Grip Review

By THGhost 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote] Mod DB's October Mod of the Month honors have been awarded to the recently released Iron Grip: The Repression. To celebrate we have compiled a video, audio and textual review! Here is the introduction: As an unstoppable army rolls into view, the few brave souls willing to stand up before them watch from their fox holes, ready to begin the greatest conflict of their lives. The odds are against them, but a few clever tricks might be all that they need. News posts are appreciated. URL: http://features.moddb.com/281/iron-grip-the-oppression/ Image: http://moddb.com/images/features/28/281/gallery/1474.jpg Regards, Scott Reismanis http://www.moddb.com [/quote]

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