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Jailbreak Source has posted a new trailer for the up and comming 0.5 release as well as some details on it.

We thought we'd better do something really special for our latest news release, what with the ModDB Awards (Vote for Jailbreak here!) happening and all! So, we've spent the last few weeks putting together the Official Jailbreak: Source 0.5 Trailer! Check it out below!

Download this video in 720p

Release date January 2009! That means THIS month! So get ready to breakout your teammates and go hack/slash crazy with your Laser Cleaver, because Jailbreak is back and now it's got Dinosaurs and Robots! The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice two shots in the trailer, showing off the new gamemode, which we'll be revealing all about next week when we release the second trailer!

Vote for us! We would absolutely LOVE to get into the Top 100 of the ModDB Awards this year, so if you like Jailbreak, love Dinosaurs and fancy shooting Robots, and let's face it, who doesn't? Then vote for us by clicking this here link: Vote for Jailbreak!

Go show them your support or view the trailer by clicking Here

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