Jailbreak source - More Dinos and Executions.

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For those people who enjoy breaking out of places as well as into them. Jailbreak Source posted a news update featuring Dino's, maps and Executions.

There's just so much that we're bursting to show you, that I thought I'd release ten screenshots this week! So below you can find shots from Plague, Woodneck, Madesco and Iridium! You can also see the new Dinosaur, and some new executions (read below the pics to find out about the new execution method!).

Next time, we'll be revealing the biggest, and coolest change to Jailbreak yet... Yes, even bigger than the Dinosaurs. Not long now...

As you can see above, we've created two new types of execution for the next release... Firstly, we've upped the style of the normal executions, with multiple cameras now allowing more cinematic moments! Such as the missile execution in Madesco...

Secondly, we've added a new execution method, which we call The British Bulldog Execution; allowing the winners to get hands-on! For example, in Woodneck, the losers spawn inside a Weather Testing funnel, and the winners get to choose how to execute them, either by Tornado, Electrical Storm, Lasers or all three! We've redone all the executions for 0.5, with added style and hilarity, so make sure you check them out!

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