Mod HQ Interview with the mod leader of Iron Grip: The Oppression

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[url="http://www.mod-hq.com/"]Mod HQ[/url] recently got the chance to interview the team leader of Iron Grip: The Oppression, a genre bending modification aiming to please fans of FPS and RTS games in a unique way that hasn't been attempted in the past.Take a look: [quote][b]Q: Why did you decide to use the Source engine for this project? Do you think that the community has the potential to embrace a game like this as much as the likes of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat (and their Source counterparts)?[/b] A: To be honest Half Life 2 was a pain in the butt sometimes (to mod). Since simple things like tanks with tracks took us months to get right, as seen in, for instance Battlefield 2… Anyway, I don’t regret choosing Half Life 2 as a platform, it’s a great engine with its pros and cons. The main reason was (other than expecting best mod-ability) its exposure. Half Life 2 has a huge fanbase so plenty of people can play your mod and like it or dislike it! [b]Q: Iron Grip seems to focus a lot more than usual on the RTS aspect, at least for players on the Rahmos team. How hard have your attempts to adopt Source to your gameplay design been?[/b] A: Well, getting the RTS in this engine proved extremely hard to perfect, since we needed to build everything from scratch! We now have a fully functional RTS part of the game, with in game GUI etc. At the moment we’re trying to get the Resistance to function in its own way. FPS of course, but we want to get the Guerrilla-warfare in there, and not “rocket-jumping” Quake for instance.[/quote] [url="http://www.mod-hq.com/?page=viewpost&topic_id=176"]Click here[/url] to read the full interview.

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