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17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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It took me a while, and almost all Half-Life 1 Mod Profiles has been enhanced with the new code. The reason why I am posting this now instead of later, because I am wanting to have some feedback. So, for those who are interested in this, click the following Mod Profiles below that have been enhanced. I am still enhancing the rest, and when I am done with the Half-Life 1 Mod Profiles, I will do the Half-Life 2 Profile page. [*] Digital Paintball [*] Earth's Special Forces [*] Earth's Special Forces :: Open Beta [*] Global Warfare [*] Move In [*] Science & Industry [*] Sven Co-op [*] Natural Selection (banner still has to be changed) [*] Naruto: Ninja Chronicles [*] Wizard Wars [*] Xmas Mod [*] Changes with the new Profiles - New menu under the banner (may change later on) - New menu in the left (It is the Mod Profile Menu) - Code completely changed to HTML + Tables added around the screenshots - New screenshot script, go ahead and click on the images at the bottom [*] To do list - Figuring around a way to add a "background" overlay around the description text - Add a "Previous" and "Next" buttons on the page to quickly go to the next profile - Add filter pages, so people can able to filter mods (Released, Unreleased, Beta, etc) It is also possible that I will surf through servers to create new images for all Mod Profiles. Comments? Post below or email me at Skyrider[at]HL2Files.com

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